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Tribute to Eric Sullivan

One of the leading lights behind Tower Radio TV

Issue: 3 Updated: 22nd May 2013

Eric Sullivan in 1965 Eric Sullivan 1966 Tower Press Shot

Eric Sullivan in 1965 Eric Sullivan in 1966 Radio Tower Press Shot

Sunk Head Fort Top


Sunk Head Fort top Radar House shrouded in polythene; mast poles, hand made antenna's

Managing Director of the Tower Radio/Tower TV/Radio Tower project, Eric Sullivan passed away in Colchester General Hospital on 31st October aged 80

Eric & Anita

Eric & Anita

After flirting with broadcasting Eric opened the Edensor Guest House with his wife which became the Edensor Care Home in Clacton-on-Sea

Mr Eric Daniel Sullivan was my father who very sadly passed away on 31st October 2012 having celebrated his 80th birthday on 25th May 2012. I shall miss him terribly but enjoyed a trip down memory lane upon reading the story of Tower Radio. This venture was undertaken when I was between 8 & 10 years old! RIP Dad - Your daughter Kimaria

Joe & Eric having a party

Party friends Joe & Eric

They ran the busniess working as carers for some 50 years before selling it in 1993

I just wanted to let you know that My Uncle, Eric Sullivan from Radio Tower sadly passed away on October the 31st 2012, in Colchester General hospital. He was 80-years old & a wonderful man he'll be sadly missed by all those who knew him. I have read through the Radio Tower pages & I have to say you have done an excellent job, the detail is comprehensive & very factual. Once again thank you so much for taking the time to keep the old radio days alive in such a meaningful way. When you loose some one you love very much gestures such as yours have an altogether deeper resonance. Thank you for keeping the memory of Eric & others alive on your website. Yours sincerely, Craig Robey

Tipa, Ty-James, Eric, Anita & Craig

Tipa, Ty-James, Eric, Anita & Craig

Eric is survived by his wife Anita, daughter Kim' & six grandchildren

I was very sad to hear of the passing of Eric Sullivan, I'd known Eric before my involvement with Radio Tower. Imagine my surprise when as a 16 year old lad I took my "demo tape" to the station Colchester office and the door was opened by Eric. We had a chat and whether he thought the demo was OK or because he knew me that got me the job I will never know. Remembering the tape it was probably the latter. Anyway before I knew it I was on a boat heading out to The Sunk Head Tower for what was really an adventure of a lifetime. But that employment by Eric back in 1965 has guided my life for the the past 47 years. Had it not been for Tower my radio career wouldn't have happened. So to Eric I'm eternally grateful, Eric it was fun, thanks - Bill Rollins

Anita, Karen, Luke, Tipa & Eric

Anita, Craigs sister Karen, her son Luke, Craigs wife Tipa & Eric

12th May 2013 - Like Bill Rollins, I first met Eric Sullivan when I was an 18 year-old, turning up at Radio Tower's little upstairs offices in Trinity Street, Colchester. Within a couple of days, I was aboard the Tower itself, with Bill and a tall yank named Dave Simser. I think John and Terry were there too who were supposed to be riggers. I stayed aboard to the bitter end, with another guy, probably Graham, I think we were the last people off the other Fort Roughs Tower aboard Billy Bennett's old fishing boat

I got to know Eric quite well after the event, and we kept in touch for a few years. I alway remember him as being one of life's optimists, with an entertaining sense of humour, and he was well matched by Anita, who was could also be quite comical at times. I can remember a few good stories she told about their life and adventures together

I also went down to 'Edensor' a few times, both when it was a guest house and when it became a care home, and remember how much Eric enjoyed running the place, they both threw themselves into it, and must have improved a good number of lives with their cheerfulness and enthusiasm

You can sum people up with a few words, can't you? 40 years after the event, I can still picture Eric Sullivan, with a big grin on his face, boiling up a curry in the kitchen at 'Endensor' with 3 or 4 of us standing around laughing. Good bloke. Best wishes - Chris Gosling

Cheers Eric

A Bud, Cheers Eric

21st May 2013 Eric was a great man he gave me a chance when I needed a place to go, the only thing I won’t miss is the consulate cigarette he always came to the Tower with. Eric ready with a smile on his face and a joke, even when we had problems which were plenty and often! In our hearts and minds. Regards to all from John Boulter

Radio Tower Shop Sticker

Radio Tower Shop Window Sticker

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