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A Winter Walk at Faversham

Mixed pictures of walks undertaken in 27th January 2008 & again on 4th January 2009

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Faversham Creek towards junction with Oare Creek

Continue walking along Faversham Creek bank

Buildings at Creeks appex

Pass through a final 'kissing gate' towards the cluster of buildings in the near distance

Shipwrights Arms & Boatyard

These comprise the Public House 'The Shipwrights Arms'& Boatyard at the junction of Faversham & Oare Creeks

Oyster Yawl CK48

Colchester Registered Oyster Yawl CK48 Oare Creek emerges from left into Faversham Creek

Shipwrights Arms

Walk past the 'Shipwrights Arms' only in recent years connected to the National Grid

F52 the old Cardium

F52 Faversham registered Cardium now decommissioned & replaced

Creeks seaward reach

Seaward view to wrecks & moorings into the Swale with Isle-of-Sheppey beyond

Boatyard gear

Follow path around the 'Shipwrights Arms' cross over the track


Walk past the Boatyard

Boatyard workings

Looking back along the track

Walk ahead with moorings & Oare Creek on your right

Meeching 1

The Tug 'Meeching'

View back along mooring piles to Boatyard

View back towards the Boatyard

Meeching 2

'Meeching' is undergoing extensive refurbishment

View along mooring piles

The tide window at Oare & Faversham is around 2 hours

Meeching 3

Most of the paintwork on 'Meeching' being completed

Boats moorings alongside Oare Creek

Gentle warm Winter colours

Boat moorings loop

Slipway holding loop

More upstream mooring piles

Continue walking along the Saxon Shore Way, the well worn path winds behind the moorings

Boatyard building

Continue ahead onto a tarmac road behind a wooden round rusted metal roofed boat house, this shot looking back at the metal roofed building

Oare Church

Continue on road, note Oare Church on the opposite bank

Oare Creek head intermediate

You are now approaching the head of Oare Creek

Gravel Lakes

With the old gravel lakes on your left with the old mill in the background

Lake drains to Creek

The gravel lakes drain into the Creek

Oare Creek Head

Creek head is at the main Faversham/Oare road

Mill Cottage

Turn left & walk past the factory units, unless you fancy a pint back at the 'Mariners Arms' in Oare Village, pass Mill Cottage

Reeds Cottage & Lake View House

Continue past 'Reeds Cottage' & 'Lake View House'

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