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Maunsell Sea Forts & WWII Weekend - Page 1

Sea Forts WWII Flyer

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Welcome to the pictorial feature of the fourth years event held at Whitstable Castle on Tower Hill over the weekend of the 13th & 14th April 2008

IMPS Set off

Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS) vehicles set off for the Town Centre drive through & War Memorial salute

Smiling face keeps rain at bay Serious face it's raining again

"Have I told you the one about the Jerry & the tin can?"
"I don't think that's very funny"

MP directing traffic

MP (Military Policeman) Malcolm Dunlop brings about some order

Tanks smoking Detroits

The mighty Detroit Diesel Engines are fired up

Last vehicle off

The powers that be declined to shut the road for the 30 minute duration of the drive through

Crew battle fumes

Makes more smoke from cold than the Detroit Generator did on Offshore Radio station Radio City on the Shivering Sands Fort

Malcolm finger pointing

Malcolm Dunlop, he's good at pointing

Down Tower Hill

Ever been to Whitstable & tried to drive through the High Street?

Tank ready to leave

The tank ready to leave to negotiate Whitstable High Street

Lord Mayor takes a ride

Lord Mayor Cyril Windsor enjoys the ride

Over 30 vehicles in the parade

It's North Kent's only unofficial town centre car park!

Joanne Bater in action

Joanne Bater mugs ready for the onslaught at the NAFFI

Mus of steaming tea

"Get ya laughing gear round one of these me lucky lads"

Everything stops for tea

Mugs in action a couple of IMPS boys, who's he winking at?

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