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Maunsell Sea Forts & WWII Weekend - Page 2

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On ya bike

Had me tea, waiting for permission to proceed

RAF Hillman Minx

Hillman Minx saloon saw wartime by its owner an RAF Bomber Crewman

Dry stored for 50 years it's been in one family since new & sold on the death of the owners widow

Bought by 'Practical Classic' Magazine it featured but never progressed further than 'project pending'

John Allen

John Allen above badgered the magazine editor to sell the car which he acquired complete with many parts in boxes

John's Minx

Other than corrosion under the rear seat fog the 'Minx' was sound & brought back to a high level restoration by john who say's " You don't often see them in Blue, most are Army Khaki Brown"

Chat up line

"Just how many pairs of stockings will you gals be wanting my dear?"

Ted takes control

Ted takes control of a Yanks Jeep

Dodging showers

Showers were the order of the day sheltering from a sudden downpour

Gabi & Kas

Gabi Dunlop & Kas given the sepia treatment

Malcolm's den

Hidey hole, trailer & field tent in there somewhere

Field radio

"RT's out, just think I could be anywhere other than on duty!"

Tea break

Joanne Bater takes a break with one of Just Ordinary Men should we say Woman or be politically correct & say people

More showers

Short sharp showers made people scatter for cover

Planning campaign

"Don't worry chaps, you know the SP I'm going to spring an inspection"


Rained off for now the deserted NAFFI

Land gals

"Anyway Jim only tried to take advantage of me in the haystack"

"No, not again, what was he after?"

"My seed potatoes"

Land girls doing their bit for victory, salute from Wini later


Time for a quick sandwich

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