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Maunsell Sea Forts & WWII Weekend - Page 3

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Military heavy vehicles

Formidable Force Heavy IMPS Vehicles

German large scale tank

"Mit uns haben sie nicht gerechnet!" ("They won't be expecting us")

Web Site Message from:

The correct German translation for "They (visitors) won´t be expecting us!" should thus be "Mit uns haben sie nicht gerechnet!" (not to reckon with sb., as a planned surprise in the positive sense). A German would not use the future tense in this particular case.

Sincerely, Gerritt Thiessen - Germany

Joining us for the first time large scale models from the UK Tank Club

Handlebar moustach

"Okay you rabble sort yourselves out, full inspection"

King's Shropshire Light Infantry camp

Second Battalion King's Shropshire Light Infantry (KSLI) 1944

Tents in thg mud

Quagmire military camping the lads dig in

My new Barnet

"You like my new Barnet then?"

Gabi & Kas

Gabi & Kas avoid a shower in the marquee

Kas singing in the rain

Singing in the rain

Truck wheel

Big wheels keep on turning

Big guy plays with his truck A nice brew

"Hope no one see's me fondling my truck"
"Nice cup of Rosie Lee that's what you need in this weather love"

Kas still singing in the rain

Kas the Forces sweat heart battles on

Heavy IMPS vehicles

Winding down another years event

Kas finishes singing in the rain

Kas strickes the final note

It's a wrap

"I look at it like this Sir, we didn't do bad considering the wretched rain"

I enjoy your coverage of Whitstable events & hope you’ll include the recent WWII Weekend

I did think the ‘Gossip’ column by Oystercatcher in the Whitstable Times on 17th April 2008 was rather over reactionary & pointless. Accredited to my spy let’s call him Neil, tells locals & those in the know it’s Neil Baker a former Whitstable Times employee creating something out of nothing

The event captures the imagination of many & brings thousands of visitors to the town. Mingling with locals who come year in & out, the day is both pleasant nostalgic & informative. This year the event has buckets of rain but it didn’t dampen the ardour of exhibitors or those attending

There are critics who say that the day & military parade weren’t well enough publicised, especially as flyers weren’t distributed across the town & 100’s were left over & binned!

The parade is a delight, again it’s a pity that many were surprised it was happening & why oh why the High Street couldn’t be closed for the brief pass through is a mystery. As for wrecking the roads I quote “ Driving a tank along Harbour Street seems to me, at least, the wrong thing to do”

It’s once a year for heavens sake, it’s visually inspiring & with a salute at the Memorial patriotic 

Returning to the Castle military vehicles were doted around the grounds, true it was muddy & the grass became trodden & marked but grass is tenacious & quickly grows back. So why is it ‘disheartening’ Is Neil his own elderly relative rather than a sprightly youngster? Take the Regatta on Tankerton Slopes, that’s a huge grass public area that’s treated appallingly by all & sundry & revives

As for the Tank knocking over concrete columns that’s simply crazy, the guy can clearly manoeuvre the beast between virtually anything. I watched, the gap he had was very narrow, it being made worst by the addition of new flower tubs & a cycle park, but he managed to squeeze though twice with inches to spare

Perhaps we should rename Oystercatcher Neil Town Killjoy - Jocelyn Clements normal, rational, patriotic Whitstable fan

Winston Churchill poster

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