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Medway Ghost Ship

A Springtime sail from Chatham North Kent to Queenborough for the quietest still night we can recall on the River Medway 10th April 2007

With such a lovely sunset we publish the photographs

Baltic Guide

14.50 The Baltic Guide makes it's way upstream

Tug Adsteam Morag

14.51 Tug Adsteam Morag, what a name for any vessel?

Medway Ports Jumbo

15.28 Medway Ports working boat Jumbo on its mooring

Sunset time 17.42

17.42 Dramatic moody skys the beginnings of a spectacular sunset

Still Waters

17.45 Still waters run slow & deep

Sunset time 17.53

17.53 Waters become inky

Sunset time 18.16

18.16 Kingsnorth Power Station begins to look good

Sunset time 18.19

18.19 the tide is now on the turn

Sunset time 18.50

18.50 Last glimpse of the sun

Ghost Ship

11th April 2007 @ 07.58 a "Ghost Ship" appears out of the mist!

Baltic Guide

No it's the Baltic Guide out from the Commercial Dock Gillingham making way back downstream for sea


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