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Favourite Haunts

The BIG pictures page 1

Red Sands Fort Complex

Red Sands through the mist on 4th August 2004

Peter, Boris & Antonio

Kevin Turner of BFBS, Boris Piffaretti Supervisor at R3iii 106.5 Mendrisiotto & 106.8 Luganese Switzerland & Antonio Agnoletto of Cooperative Colisseum Italy

See Kevin in his offshore days in Caroline & Kevin

Red Sands Searchlight & Bofors Towers

Gun Searchlight & Bofors Towers

Red Sands G4 & 3 Gun Towers

G4 & G3 Gun Towers

Red Sands Searchlight Tower

Coming round to sail between Searchlight & G4 Towers

Red Sands in between Searchlight & G4 Towers

Sailing the gap between Searchlight & above the G4 Gun Tower

To book your sail aboard the spritsail barge Greta see Boat Trips

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