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Whitstable Harbour Day & Oyster Festival 2004

A copy free feature of the festivities & celebrations at Whitstable Harbour Day & the Oyster Festival

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Whitstable carnival princess' Sea Cadet Band Harbour ramp

Miss Whitstable Sian Sidders with her deputy & princess

The Sea Cadet Corps Band open proceedings with crowds milling along the South Quay

Looking from the fisherman's huts to the Harbour Ramp & the Isle-of-Sheppey

Harbour basin Oyster procession Oyster procession

The Tug Kent & the Dray on the East Quay at the head of the Oyster Procession

South Quay lined with people greeting the Oyster Procession as the Dray makes it's way towards Harbour Street

Oyster procession Oyster procession Kingswear Castle

Promenaders & Speedboat Jazzmen

Paddle Steamer Kingswear Castle ties up on the West Quay

Sea Shankies TiD 172 & Kingswear Castle Artists galore

Saucy tales & song from the Shanties

TID 172 (Tug in Dock) & Kingswear Castle & one of the many local artists displaying work for sale

Punch & Judy John Gilson Sea food feast

David Wild's Punch & Judy & John Gillson & assistant of Cardium Shellfish

Enjoying the fare at West's

RNLI Stall Gamecock 1st Whitstable Scout Group Band

The RNLI station Oyster Smack Gamecock & 1st Whitstable scout Group Band

Tony Blake & Kingsley Empett Delia Fitt & James Cochran Harbour basin south quay

Tony Blake & Kingsley Empett/Delia Fitt & James Cochran

Authors, publishers, restaurateurs & chefs!

Harbour basin from top of fisherman's huts

The event sponsored by Brett's, Cardium Shellfish, St Augustine's, West Whelks, Ward & Corrigan, East Quay Restaurant

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