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Whitstable Harbour Day & Oyster Festival 2004

The BIG pictures page 5

Fenland & Roffen

Historic vessels Fenland & Roffen

Local artists work

One of the many local artists with work on display & for sale

Miniature railway

Popular family favourite the miniature railway follows the South Quay line of the original 1830 "Crab & Winkle Line"

John Gilson

John Gilson ready to serve Cardium Shellfish cockles freshly harvested by Ol' Ray & Cardium 2 & cooked on the premises

Crowds round fisherman's huts

Picture from Jon Bird of crowds milling around the Fisherman's Huts

John Gilson

John Gilson with assistant at the Cardium Shelfish counter

Oyster slips down

Shall I swallow whole or chew pacific Oysters with pepper & freshly squeezed lemon - lovely, but do chew

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