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James & Kathia Wedding

Salomons on 21st August 2009

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Jack at home

1. James (Jack)

Bob, Sandy & Jack

2. With us at Tankerton-on-Sea

Jack n Martin

3. Jack n Martin the Best Man about to leave Tankerton

Jack in Salomans reception

4. 'What nerves'

Jack n Martin Brides on here way

5. 'Here she comes - at last'

Kathia with Dad n Mum

6. Kathia with father & mother - Carlos & Paulina

Here we go

7. 'This is it guys'

Vows from Kathia

8. So far so good


9. Kathia looking cool

Ring for Jack

10. Ring on your finger

Few more words

11. Sacred vows

Jacks vows

12. Jacks turn

A word from Alan

13. Kathia's brother Alan's reading in Spanish & English

Registers signed

14. Registration complete, well almost except Jill's spelling

Poses for the cameras

15. Looking quite relaxed

Passing over the marriage certificate

16. Your marriage certificate

Out into the sun

17. Back out into the sunshine


18. Confetti time

Into the gradens for photographs

19. Making for the gardens

Quite a crowd

20. Wow love the hat!

Tradition rules

21. Traditional pose

Or does it!

22. Should the sky be this dark yet

Crazy family poses

23. A bit of madness

Debbie, Kathia & Nardia

24. Kathia with her Bridesmaids Debbie & Nardia

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