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James & Kathia Wedding

Solomon's on 21st August 2009

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Tom foolery

25. Crazy birds!

Bit of a giggle this ..

26. Having a laugh with Nardia

Dave n Jack

27. James (Jack) with brother Dave

Paulina enjoying the day

28. Paulina swings her handbag

The terrace

29. Happy snapper gets the shot

Female terrace fun

30. Girls havin'fun on the terrace

Boule with the lads

31. Gentlemen (loosely speaking) Chris, Andy & Dave play Boules

Classic entertainment

32. String quartet

The quartet play on

33. Tucked under the balcony to avoid the pending shower

The skies opened

34. Make that downpour!

Just as well pictures done

35. Pimms canapes & yippee Pisco Sour

Carlos & Alan in reception

36. Carlos & Alan

Bob n Carlos

37. Seconds away from the third Pisco

Group gathering for pictures

38. Informal group

Getting it together

39. Awaiting instructions

Jacks work friends

40. 'Legionnaires' David, Simon & their ladies

At the pond

41. Down by the small pond

On the bridge

42. Who's that spying

Nice light

43. Bridge talk

Ah ha

44. Practice makes perfect

Wedding feast

45. Wedding Breakfast

Bubbles everywhere

46. Bubble loads of fun with Jacks auntie Sue

Nice girls

47. Mates


48. Tribal headgear

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