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The London-Brighton Veteran Car Run

Issue: 1 Updated: 26th June 2010

11 decades on from the 1st run on 14th November 1896, when 33 vehicles made the journey celebrating the rising of the speed limit from 4 mph to 14 mph & the abolition of a man with a red flag leading a car

London - Brighton Run Logo 2006

We present a two part copy free feature of the 110th run held on 5th November 2006

This is just a taste with a small selection of the pictures taken of nearly 500 vehicles participating going through Staplefield/Whitemans Green outside Haywards Heath

Picture numbers are followed by entry (number) where known & applicable

1895 Peugeot

1. (1) An 1895 Vis-a-vis Peugeot from the Louwman driven by Everet Louwman

1902 Mors

2. (190) A 1902 Mors driven by owner John Bentley

1900 de Dion Bouton

3. (55) A 1900 vis-a-vis De Dion Bouton driven by Dr David Colier

Panhard et Levassor from 1901

4. (110) 8hp Panhard et Levassor from 1901 from the Ward Collection driven by Daniel Ward

1897 Panard et Levassor

5. (10) Panard et Levassor from 1897 driven by Roy Tubby

1898 Fisson

6. (23) A 1898 two cylinder Fisson with Waggonette Body entered by driven by Robin Loder

Daimler from 1899

7. (34) 1899 Daimler 8hp in two cylinders owned & driven by Peter & Janet Thimpson

1899 Delahaye

8. (36) A charming old Delahaye from 1899 with a 9hp engine driven by Toby Ward

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Austin A40

9. A classic 1960's Farina designed Austin A40

More pictures of this cute little car at the A40 Farina Club Gallery

1902 Benz

10. (175) A Benz from 1902 driven by David Corry

Skyline photography

11. Skyline not the car but the camera mast for aerial pictures

9986 AP

12. (33) A 1899 Peugot 9786 AP driven by Michael Kent passes the Staplefield village sign, more about Staplefield West Sussex

1900 Gardner-Serpollet Steamer

13. (60) Gardner-Serpollet Steam Car built in 1900 with a double phaeton body, driven by Robert Dale

SV 6191

14. (235) 1903 De Dion Bouton SV 6191 driven by Anthony Tidy passes the Jolly Tanners

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1903 MMC

15. (324) MMC from 1903 with a big 20hp engine driven by Henry Lawson

Foot Down

16. Foot to the floorboards this old boy clearly enjoying the sunny day

1903 Renault

17. (301) A 1903 Renault driven by Allan White

1902 Panhard et Levassor

18. (147) Panhard et Levassor from 1902 driven by Laura Clemisnon puts up a bit of smoke

1898 Daimler

19. (18) A 1898 Daimler from the Ward Collection driven by Andrew Johnson

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Morgan 3 wheeler

19. A very nicely turned out Morgan 3 wheeler fitted with Matchless engine

Exc23/06/10 - Exellent viewing but purely for the record, with respect, No.19, the red Matchless Morgan Super Sports, is in fact powered by a WATER cooled Matchless MX4 990cc V-Twin. (See rad, pipes and barrels)This produced 42.5 BHP.
The aircooled version, type MX2, had a dummy radiator with finned barrels, same cc but producing 39.5 BHP.
I've been a proud owner of one for over 45 years !
Thanks, Paul Baker from Coventry

1903 Renault

20. 1903 Renualt driven by Nicholas Dorrington

The day attracts everyone with a classic or interesting car, many park up along the route to watch the run others join it

Riley RMF

21. Riley 2.5 Ltr RM Series see the Riley RM Club for more

1903 Panhard et Levassor

22. (259) Martin Landless has a spot of trouble with his 1903 Panhard et Levassor

Overheated she'd lost water & boiled, she ran briefly when cooler but gave up the ghost a few minutes later & was taken the last few miles by RAC low loader

1972 Lotus

23. 1972 Lotus Elan on which the Worlds most popular sports car the Mazda MX5 was based

More from Lotus at the Lotus Motor Club

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