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The London-Brighton Veteran Car Run

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A two part copy free feature of the 110th run held on 5th November 2006

The event owned by the Royal Automobile Association & sponsored by Tindle & Daily Mail Group Newspapers

1896 Whitney Steamer

24. (2) A 1896 Whitney Steamer entered by Brian & Ricky Kenway

1901 De Dion Boulton

25. (81) A De Dion Boulton from 1901 driven by Osmond Bennett


26. Racing down the hill a pretty Nalzaro

1901 Renault

27. (106) Renault 7.5hp from 1901 driven by Ron Walker

1899 Opel

28. (32) From 1899 a German Opel driven by Heinz Zetti

1902 Lambert

29. (161) Lanbert driven by Rex Coxeter from 1902

1903 Clement

30. (312) A Clement from 1903 from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust

Downhill Flyer

31. 1902 Voiturette bodied Rochet Flying down hill


32. Austin-Healey arrives

A smile & a wave

33. Waves to & from the spectators make for a pleasant spectacle

1903 Cadillac

34. (250) Ancient & Modern(ish) The Yanks in their 1903 Cadillac with Alan Thompson at the wheel followed by 1980 Lamborghini

1902 Darracq

35. (172) A 1902 Darracq driven by Jean-Jacques Clerico

1902 Pierce

36. (171) A Darracq from from 1902 with Charlie Moore driving

Columbia Electric

37. American Columbia Electric gets a boost charge before the last leg to Brighton

Built in 1902 had John Hanson as owner driver in very original (un restored) condition

1896 Salveson Steamer

38. (6) A Salveson Steamer from 1896 entered by John Brydon with John Buton wrestling the helm

Baby Austin 7

39. Gorgeous Baby Austin 7 giving chase

More on this & other early Austins start at the Austin Counties Club

Delahaye breaks down

40. (9) Delahaye sadly gives up, but what service from the RAC with three vans in attendance

1897 Delahaye rescued

41. (9) The 6hp Delahaye was built in 1897 & carries the registration 1896

Owner driver Heather Fattorini disappointed but not down hearted

1897 Delahaye onto RAC low-loader

42. (9) Onto the RAC recovery vehicle the last few miles will be by low-loader

1902 Renault

43. (144) One cylinder powers this 1902 Renault owned & driven by Christopher Guihery le Rolland

Hillman Imps

44. The Hillman Imp Club out in force play follow the leader

1901 Panhard et Levassor

45. (104) Yet another Panhard et Levassor this a 1901 owned & driven by Dick Sheppard

Downhill last of the veterans

46. 1903 De Dion Bouton, see below

01/02/10 - I was looking at it thinking that car looks like a De Dion Bouton then realised it was mine with me driving and looking worried. Russel Abrahams was the co-driver and Sam is the boy in back. The car's 1903 8hp De Dion ex Brigitte Bardot now in Australia. There's an old book called Pencil drawngs of the Brighton that refers to her past ownership - Mark Lewis - Manchester

Last of our car shots from the 2006 run if you'd like to see if we have a picture of your pride & joy in our sequence of over 200 pictures just email & we'd be pleased to send you an original jpeg

If you have extra detail or notice any errors we'd be pleased to hear from you, contact link is on the Home Page


47. The new family member TVR Chimaera 4Ltr V8 Convertible

Get going with a TVR more from the TVR Owners Club

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Gone in a cloud of Smoke

48. Gone in a puff of exhaust smoke until next year's

London - Brighton 4th November 2007

Grateful thanks to co-photographer Terry Guy

I found your interesting site while I was looking for the Cyklonette three-wheeler which took part in the London-Brighton Veteran Car Run 2006 according to

Do you have other pictures showing this vehicle even from other events, many thanks for your help in advance and best regards - Torsten - Denmark

Sorry Torsten didn't spot the vehicle - ED

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