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LV8 Radio Seagull

An assortment of photographs as the redundant Light Vessel (LV8) was converted into Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull - Netherlands

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1st Radio Seagull Logo

1. 1st Radio Seagull Logo

Photographs 2 - 12 the ship at the industrial Harbour, Harlingen 1st January 2006

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 1

2. LV8 lies at the industrial harbour Harlingen


A Montage of ID's and Jingles from Radio Seagull 1602Khz

Commissioned by Trinity House built in Dartmouth she was active off the British coast from 1949 - 1991 serving at the Kentish Knock, Sunk, Dudgeon (North Sea) Gabbard and completed a distinctive 42 years at sea at Tongue

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 2

3. Rafted up to an old barge

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 3

4. Distinctive Light Mast of the 1940's Light Vessel

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 4

5. Stern over deck

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 5

6. Enclosed rear deck from days as a disco

Sold in 1991 she was converted into a Disco and re-named 'Barocca' in Wijnhaven, Rotterdam until closure in 2001

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 6

7. Cluttered deck starboard side looking aft from mid-ships

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 7

8. Looking aft from covered main deck

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 8

9. Portside looking aft

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 9

10. Always useful usable bits to be gained from what looks like junk

She was moved to Moerdijk, the Netherlands in 2004 and languished for 3 years then towed to Rotterdam

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 10

11. Roy Balls cooking supper in the early galley

LV8 Industrial Harlingen Harbour 11

12. Paul scopes the Optimod with Radio Seagull Chief TX Engineer Cees Nijdam

Offshore stations were more often than not forced to make do and mend using what ever was at hand

This was particularly true of the Fort based stations, making capacitors from cigarette packet foil wasn't unusual

Photographs 13 - 15 from 6th April 2002

Jenny Baynton at sea 1

13. Freshly painted looking smart ...

Jenny Baynton at sea 2

14. ... the Radio Waddenzee Light Ship

Bought by agent J B Nieuwland for new owner a Mr Rutteman who berthed the Lightship in the Waalhaven Radio Waddenzee purchased the ship after an extensive search across Europe and towed the LV8 to Harlingen in the Netherlands

Transmitter rack

15. 1 Kw Redyvon solid state Transmitter

In 2005 the LV 89 was re-named taking her new name Jenny Baynton from a romantic & sad period involving a great friend of Offshore Radio & Radio Seagull the late Dave Francis

Jenny Baynton at sea 3

16. A listeners composite picture from April 2006

In July 2006 the ship moved again to Zuiderpier in Harlingen whilst work on the ship continued

A winter berth was found for the ship in early 2007 within the inner harbour at Harlingen

Jenny Baynton moored at sea 3

17. ... the Jenny Baynton

March 2007 saw a proper radio mast erected for the medium wave transmissions on 1602 kHz

Jenny Baynton moored at sea 4

18. ... the Jenny Baynton

Jenny Baynton moored at sea 5

19. ... the Jenny Baynton

Jenny Baynton March 2007

20. Pictured on 27th March 2007

Jenny Baynton under tow 1

21. The LV 8 under tow in April 2008

Jenny Baynton on tow 3

22. the Jenny Baynton under tow again ...

Jenny Baynton moored at sea 1

23. ... to a new mooring ...

Jenny Baynton moored at sea 2

24. ... in April 2008

Jenny Baynton at sea 6

25. Pictured on 29th April 2008

Jenny Baynton at sea 7

26. Pictured 3rd May 2008

Peter Timmerman

27. Peter Timmerman on deck 3rd May 2008

Ship was Dry Docked for a complete overhaul in April 2009

Jenny Baynton under tow 2

28. The LV8 under tow back into Harlingen harbour in May 2009

12 months later the ship was towed to a mooring 8 miles offshore in the Waddensea between Harlingen and Terschelling for a few days transmission at sea

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