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LV8 Radio Seagull

An assortment of photographs as the redundant Light Vessel (LV8) was converted into Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull - Netherlands

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Seagull Poster

29. Radio Seagull poster

Photographs from 13th - 16th May 2009

Inner harbour pontoon 1

30. There she be!

Inner harbour pontoon 2

31. Approach to the LV8 at the inner harbour ...

Inner harbour pontoon 3

32. ... Harlingen

Close up of ship inner harbour pontoon

33. ... Harlingen

Close up of ship inner harbour pontoon

34. ... Harlingen

Gang plank come out

35. Main man Sietse Brouwer readies the gang plank

Come aboard

36. ... Harlingen

Deck from fore peak

37. Looking aft from fore peak 1

Mooring lines

38. Forward mooring line and spring

Lantern house

39. Looking aft from Fore peak 2

Lantern house & antenna

40. Lantern house from antenna

Close up of antenna

41. Antenna

Antenna & lantern from deck house

42. Looking aft to Antenna & Lamp house from deckhouse

Lantern house

43. Lantern house from antenna

Close up lantern house & antenna

44. Lantern house and antenna

Covered rear deck

45. Covered rear deck

Covered rear deck looking aft

46. Looking forward

Seacat Tiger enters harbour 1

47. Super Cat 'Tiger' enters harbour

Seacat Tiger enters harbour 2

48. The Rederij Doekse ferries run from Harligen to Terschelling or Vlieland

Starboard side looking forward

49. Looking forward from lower rear deck starboard side

Looking forward port side

50. Looking forward lower rear deck Port side

Rear top deck

51. Top rear deck

Entrance to harbour

52. Even in spring uninspiring harbour entrance

Antenna feed

53. Enclosed antenna feed

Commercial & leisure ships Harlingen innner harbour

54. Neighbouring vessels

Loking aft starboard from fore peak

55. Looking aft from Starboard of Fore peak

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