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LV8 Radio Seagull

An assortment of photographs as the redundant Light Vessel (LV8) was converted into Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull - The Netherlands

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Seagull Logo

56. Seagull 2006 Logo

Starboard side mooring line

57. Main Starboard side mooring line

Commercial shipping

58. Commercial shipping

Starboard side 1

59. Starboard side 1

Starboard side 2

60. Starboard side 2

Fore deck

61. Foredeck

Deck house from fore peak

62. Deck house from Fore peak

Deck house from foredeck

63. Deck house from Foredeck

Cabin detail

64. Example of a cabin as once available to Trinity House Crews

A reasonable level of comfort was achieved, 10 cabins for crew and maintenance teams plus a masters stateroom

Bunk detail

65. Bunk

Additional work for crews (exercise) came from drawing up fresh water into the day tank by hand pump in the galley several 100 pumps were required daily

Lounge 1

66. Open plan accommodation 1 (Lounge)

The ship had been gutted to make the Disco in 1991, sadly the alterations sacrificed the splendid cabin so the accommodation is largely open plan

Lounge 2

67. Open plan accommodation 2

1st Studio 1

68. Mothballed studio 2 kit

1st Studio 2

69. Uncovered studio 2 gear

1st Studio 3

70. LV8 Studio 2 again

Comprises: Tom Cat cart machines, Yamaha Mini-Disc machines, Sony Mini-Disc, Studer CD player (spare), Marantz CD player (the other one was under repair), Technics record deck, TEAC Open Reel tape deck & a Dell PC all fed into Harris Stereo 80 Radio Mixing Desk originally from Louisiana USA owned by Paul Balls

Everywhere, the Gates desk was prolific throughout America, rated for their rugged solid functional built and durability

The 60's saw them the option of the Offshore stations and even into the 1980's they were the preferred desk

1st Studio 4

71. Top: Yamaha Mini Discs one each for play out/record, Tomcat Record & three Play out Carts

1st Studio 5

72. Studio wrap round consul

The old disco 1

73. The old Night Club

Evident the ships time as a Disco

The old disco 2

74. Dance floor

The old disco 3

75. Seating arrangement

The old disco 4

76. Starboard side looking aft

The bar 1

77. The Bar 1

The bar 2

78. The Bar 2

Well that's a bonus, especially on an Offshore station!


79. The much improved Galley

Life raft & bouy in lounge

80. Lift raft & life buoy in lounge

Lounge seating

81. Lounge 2

Visitors in lounge

82. Visitors Roger & Derek from the UK with Mandy in her Anorak

Portside internal Walkway

83. Portside walkway to transmitter room & studio


84. Rebuilt Washroom Portside

Bucket and throw line

85. There's always a bucket

Transmitter rack 1

86. 1Kw Redyvon Transmitter

Transmitter rack 2

87. Transmitter rack 2

Transmitter rack 3

88. Home built 2 Kw Transmitter

Jenny Baynton Logo

89. Jenny Bayndon image

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