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LV8 Radio Seagull

An assortment of photographs as the redundant Light Vessel (LV8) was converted into Radio Waddenzee/Radio Seagull - Netherlands

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Small Seagull Logo Seagull Tune In Logo Small Seagull Logo

90. Radio Seagull & Tune in Logos

LV8 Foredeck 1

91. Foredeck from deck house

LV8 Foredeck 2

92. Foredeck to Port

Studio door

93. Studio door

Studio chair & wall

94. Studio wall & chair

Sietse Brouwer in studio

95. Sietse Brouwer

Studio layout

96. The studio 1 configuration

Comprises: A D&R Mixer, Soundlab CD Players, Sony Mini-Disc & 2 x Dell PCs

Pleasant working environment

97. Much improved clean working studio environment

Studio looks out on harbour 1

98. Overlooking the working harbour

Studio looks out on harbour 2

99. Offers presenters the offshore feel

Close up studio kit

100. Close up of studio kit

PC Play-out

101. Even on a ship these days Studios have PC play-out

Ship to Shore RX/TX

102. Radio com's Marine radio transceivers

Seagull Mascot

103. Hope like the ship!

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Peter Timmerman & Martin Stevens

105. Peter Timmerman & Martin Smith

Look across the harbour 2

106. Final look across the harbour

Look across the harbour 2

107. Evening views across the basin

Antenna & lantern house evening

108. Antenna & lantern house

Leaving ship

109. Leaving the ship

Sietse takes up the gang plank

Antenna 1 Antenna 2

110. Antenna 1
111. Antenna 2

Grateful thanks to Martin B Smith, Paul Dennis & Sietse Brouwer for their help producing this feature

LV8 Jenny Baynton from air

112. Aerial photograph of LV8 the Jenny Baynton (Radio Seagull)

More about Radio Seagull in Thames Air

Listen to Radio seagull Poster

113. Listen on-line to Radio Seagull

With grateful thanks to Sietse Brouwer, Paul & Roy Balls, Martin Smith for their help in producing this feature

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