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A pictorial collection of family & friends MG cars

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MG J2 "Bitza"

My passion for the marque & cars in general began with my engineer father, here pictured in 1945 with his J2's "Bitza" on the right that he built entirely from parts

MG J2 cockpit MG J2 engine bay

J2 Cockpit & J2 Engine Bay


Playtime Jingle MG sequence!

MGB roadster

My first MG was a 1964 Burnt Orange Roadster fitted with a glass fibre front

MGB roadster interior

No picture or detail survive above examples a representation

1969 MGB roadster

My second MGB Roadster a 1968 model prior to restoration

1969 MGB roadster stripped interior

More holes than a colander

1969 MGB post restoration

12 months later, loads of time & dosh complete re-build completed & looking good in original tartan red pictured here at the North Foreland

My 1973 MG Midget in 2000

1973 Midget front

MG Midget MK 3 built at Abingdon in January 1973

1973 Midget interior from above

Cockpit refinished in original black trim

1973 Midget front above

Full professional body & engine restoration finished in original Bronze with the engine rebuilt by "Howley" to 1380 CC incorporating their unleaded racing head - it goes

1973 Midget engine bay

Complete restoration of engine bay & all running gear

1973 Midget offside

Car has factory fitted heater & stands on Minilite wheels

1973 Midget rear

Now with SSE & stainless steel boot rack & hood tonneau

MGOC agreed valuation & Gaydon Heritage Certification

Quite odd but was looking at the Midget above. It was my car!

How's it been going? I actually miss it enormously and was fancying buying another one!

Paul Acklam, CEng MIMechE PMST Leader. X-Type Ride and Handling, Chassis Engineering.
Jaguar Cars Ltd, Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry, CV3 4LF

Midget British Leyland postcard

The Mark 3 British Leyland MG Midget advertising poster reproduced by British Motor Industry Heritage Trust

MGB MK 1 V8GT & Mk 3 roadster

David Youde's Mark 1 V8 GT & Mark 3 Roadster at home in Wales September 2001

1979 MK 3 roadster

Dutchman Paul de Hann's 1979 Mark 3 MGB Roadster

in Afbeerlding Holland August 2002

Great pictures on your site,I noticed your very good looking MG Midget
I included a picture of our MGB (above) Paul

MGB in Groningen

MG Club tour through Groningen Holland

MGB in Groningen

On a chilly but dry day in March 2003

1978 MGB roadster

Brian Adams with his 1978 Mark 3 Roadster called "Doogal" at the Brands Hatch Classic Car Show 2002

See more of Dougal in Valve & Dougal

MG Midget Biggleswade

The MG Midget belonging to Alan Waring of the RSL group of Biggleswade poton & Sandy Biggles FM

MG Midget Biggleswade

Owned for the last two years it's proved to be a laborour of love

MG Midget Biggleswade

Now restored to the condition above

MG Midget Biggleswade

Pictured earlier this year (2003) Alan estimates bills of in excess of £7000 spent so far

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MG owners club card

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