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MG Regency Run

A copy free feature of the event organised by the MG Owners Club

Cars assemble for the 21st Regency Run

From the historic Brooklands Circuit Car & Aviation Museum on Sunday 9th May

Two routes are run odd & even numbered

The MG X-Power SV

Draws attention

Ugly or beautiful & does my bum look big in this?

Wellington Bomber

Walk through the bomb bay

Retrieved from Loch Ness the task of restoration is immense

Very original MGA Saloon

Bottom of the hill climb track

1 in 4 & 1 in 5 gradients tested 1930's vehicles to the limit

Bridge over the last remaining section of the 1930's track

Track from the bridge

Easy to imagine big old race cars thundering around underneath

The cambers are deceptively steep & very difficult to climb on foot

Looking down the hill climb

Note Malcolm Campbell building rear centre home of the museums historic racing car collection

Passing through beautiful villages & countryside cars make a pleasant spectacle

Look familiar see MG Page

Finish line as the 700 participating vehicles gather at Marine Parade Brighton

For MG Club membership & to join the many MG runs & events see MG Owners Club website

Reader votes in issue 7 June 2004 of the "Practical Classics" Top 100 survey of the World's favourite classic cars put the MGB at number 3

Number 2 was the E'type Jag' but number 1 the good old Moggie

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