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Mazda MX5 Eunos

One of a limited edition of 500 Eunos 1.8i RS Roadsters. Ours finished in Chameleon blue, with BBS Alloys, Bracing, Bilstein Suspension, Limited Slip Diff' & ready to rally

MX5 torn rear screen

The inevitable torn rear window rear plastic windows which are subject to deterioration through ultraviolet light & careless hood closure

Mat Clark

Mat Clark of Matt Developments, isn't having lunch but starting to remove the old window

Screen removed Mat prepares water gutter

Rain seal removed & repaired

Screen fully removed Heated rear glass screen fitted

From nothing on the left, to a fitted hand crafted Matt Developments heated rear glass window right

Mat, & Tony from Dandy Cars survey the finished job

Details of the heated rear glass screen & more can be found on the MX5 Owners Club website here or from the logo below they are friendly helpful people

MX5 owners club logo

I like your site & the photos of your MG Midget (a lot of work) MG Regarding Eunos. a lot of people get confused between the UK 1.6 and the Japanese 1.6. It revolves around 1993 when the 1.8 was introduced to the UK market. In order to boost the sales of the 1.8 in the UK the 1.6 was detuned. This did not happen in Japan, so the Japanese 1.6 is quicker than the UK 1.6. I drive my stock all the time and even I am not sure if I am in a 1.8 or a 1.6. Test drive both versions. That way you can judge for yourself.

David Brewster

Just to say thanks for the pictures. Matt fitted our rear window as
well.That boy can talk for England.
I was interested to see your website. In my other life I too am on the radio
- Hereward FM in Peterborough at the moment doing brekkie. Nice to know there
are others out there driving MX-5s. Cheers Helen

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