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MX5 Rally Beaulieu

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A Copy Free feature of the MX5 National Owners Club on the 5th April 2009

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200 or more cars gathered at Beaulieu National Motor Museum to attend the Haynes Limited Edition Photoshoot

MX5's meet

1. South East & Solent Owners meet at Motorway Service Area

A line of MX5's

2. Mk1's, 2's & 3's

A quick bite

3. A quick nibble for some

More MX5 cars

4. Blessed with a dry bright sunny day it was tops off all round

Saraha's coupe

4. 'Mazda Chick' Sarah's MK3

1990 MK1

5. Numbered Limited 1990 Edition 1600 MK1 keeps up

New Forest Way

6. Meandering through the New Forest

Arrival at Beaulieu Gates

7. Arrival at Beaulieu

100's of cars que to get in

8. 100's of cars queuing at the gates

Valve & Peter

9. A right pair of MK3's Valve & Peter parked up

Julian & Karen

10. Julian & Karen Knight

Days timetable

11. Thirty (30) selected MX5 British models from 1989 - 2009 were appraised & photographed

Haynes Logo

12. For an MX5 anniversary book Published by Haynes

MK1 Merlot in the arena

13. A very tidy MK1 Merlot owned by Gary Plumb of Reading

Clean under hood

14. Nice under the bonnet

New Lifestyle

15. The new 'Lifestyle' MK3.5 on show

Round Bum

16. It's smooth more rounded lines doesn't appeal to all Marque owners

MX5 Gathering from Mono-Rail

17. The MX5 gathering from the Beaulieu Mono-Rail

Assembly of cars for photoshoot

18. The central arena area designated for cars being photographed

Car production

19. Two of each model represented

Beaulieu Palace

20. Beaulieu Palace from the mono-rail

World of Top Gear

20. Under wraps until 19th June 2009 The World of Top Gear exhibits

James Bond Experience

21. 'The James Bond Experience' dedicated display module has the Secret Agent 007's Aston Martins & gadgetry

Big Ol' Jag'

22. Into the Beaulieu Main Exhibition Hall houses over 250 vehicles

Above 50's Tin a fine old Jaguar from the Jaguar Jamboree

1965 Jag'

23. Alongside a nice 1965 MK2 Jaguar

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