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MX5 Rally Beaulieu

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A Copy Free feature of the MX5 National Owners Club on the 5th April 2009

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Jack Tuckers Garage

24. A fine recreation of the transition from Blacksmiths-Rural Garage is made at 1930's 'Jack Tuckers' complete in every respect

Jack Tuckers Garage Interior

25. The audio visual story unfolds as father preaches to son how re-charging accumulators, making horse shoes, gates & general Blacksmith work would see them through better than repairing new fangled motor-cars

Avenuel of Land Speed

26. An impressive avenue of Land Speed contenders supported by film of record breaking runs

Front to Back: Bluebird, Prime Time Electric, Golden Arrow which made 231.362mph in Daytona Beach Florida 11th March 1929, 1000HP Sunbeam, 350HP Sunbeam which reached 150.766mph on Pendine Sands in 1925

1000hp Sunbeam

27. On the 29th March 1927 this 1000HP Sunbeam reached a speed of 203.793mph


28. Donald Campbell's 1960 Bluebird-Proteus CN7

Bluebird air ram

29. The Gas-Turbine driven vehicle set a record of 403.10mph on 17th July 1964

Primetime Engineering Electric Contender

30. E-power from Primetime Engineering 190mph plus Electric

Grid of Motor Racing

31. Motor racing well represented

On The Sky-Ramp

32. And above on the 'Sky-Ramp' originally part of large display mounted on top of house at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Virtual shopping

33. 'Valve' virtual shopping

Pies cakes & pasteries

34. I'll have a sticky bun ...

Mr Baker delivery

35. From Mr Baker

Milkman calling

36. The street scenes are superb

1914 Vauxhall Prince Henry

37. From 1914 a Vauxhall Prince Henry

1948 Vauxhall 12

38. A 1948 Vauxhall 12

Wheels Pod

39. Julian & Karen take the 'Wheels' Pod

Hand crafted transport

40. Depicts the evolution of the motor car

Forrest Love

41. Car love in the forest

MX5's galore

42. The sun still shining outside

Bonnets up boys

43. By now owners on their way to look at other things

At the Palace

44. Like Beaulieu Palace

Happy Snapping

45. Where car photography was in full swing

Palace Grounds

46. The Palace grounds making an ideal setting

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