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MX5 Rally Beaulieu

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A Copy Free feature of the MX5 National Owners Club on the 5th April 2009

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Spring into Mazda

47. Springtime Mazda

MX5 Lifestyle

48. Mazda Lifestyle

Portrait gallery

49. The Portrait Gallery, the Palace is said to have several Ghosts this the most haunted of all the rooms ...

Isabella Countess of Beaulieu

50. Roamed in the dark of night by Isabella Countess Beaulieu who died after a fall down the stairs in 1786

Palace stairs

51. The stairs

Palace banquet room

52. The Banquet Room

Private dining room

53. Private Dining Room


54. The Palace Kitchens


55. The Cistercian Abbey founded in 1204 was partially destroyed in the Dissolution of the Monasteries during the reign of Henry VIII

Abbey walls

56. Though much of the 13th Century Abbey can still be seen

Abbey high alta through nave

57. Abbey ruins excavated foundations give an impression of the huge scale of the original structure

Isabella's grave

58. Isabella's grave in the nave of the Abbey

Stone steps

59. Steps to nowhere

Montague burial plot

60. The Montague private burial plot within the Abbey walls


61. Within the Cloisters

Cloisters towards Great Hall

62. Cloisters towards the Great Hall on the first floor

Great hall

63. Inside the Great Hall still used & available for private receptions ...

A gargoul

64. That's if you don't mind the Gargoyles

MX5's in the grounds

65. A few Muxers to finish off

MX5's in front of old barn

66. Barn finds

Solent Sue

67. Solent Sue with her lazy eyed MK1

Mx5 MK3 Coupe

68. Valves new baby a MK3 Coupe

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