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Medway FM

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It's a loo

The Gentlemen's Loo, how appropriate

Loo 2

From PD's Desk the only remaining features the sash window & magnolia tree outside

Door plate Marilyn Poster

PD Office door period door plate survives! This was repaired & refitted numerous times & a contemporary picture of a 60's icon

Landing features

Landing features

Nicola Everitt

Nicola Everitt ready to revisit the old Newsroom

Newsroom now the ladies loo

The former Newsroom now the Ladies Loo

A trio of girls

Elaine Terry, Andrea & Nicola Everitt

Rachael Adams & Simon Carter

Rachael Adams & Simon Carter

Boozy girls?

Girls will be girls, Pimms, Magners Cider, who's on the H2o?

Johnny Boy & Salty Bob

Johnny Boy & Salty Bob

Rachael Adams, Simon Carter & Mark Webber

Rachael Adams, Simon Carter & Mark Webber

Paul MacLaren

Paul MacLaren held up by a fake palm tree

Grateful thanks to Mark Webber who arranged the Medway FM ten year anniversary gathering

Everyone enjoyed meeting up with the select few, sadly not everyone could make it

In a future update we'll bring you the full story of Medway FM, & how stranded on a mud bank in the backwaters of Harwich meeting all the team together for the first time was delayed

This will include a role call of everyone that worked on Medway FM from the earliest days to the take over by DMG then GWR in 2000/2002

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