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Norfolk Broads

A copy free feature of the Norfolk Broads in May 2011

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Womack Dyke

51. Cruising into Womack Dyke

Womack Water Mill

52. Womack Water Mill

Womack Dyke Moorings

53. Womack Dyke mooring for lunch

Swans of course

54. Well you have to have a shot of the waterbirds, don't you?

Ludham Mooring

55. Stern mooring at Ludham

Lunch Fly Bye

56. Thanks for lunch!

Water Wave

57. A water wave


58. Unusual a busy stretch


59. Grey skies with showers threatened, didn't happen

Potter Heigham pound

60. Not the most attractive pound the stretch at Potter Heigham

Potter Heigham Bridge

61. Potter Heigham Bridge; the water level being too high we were prevented from navigating the bridge & including Hickling Broad, Martham Broad or Horsey Mere

Wrong wrong wrong

62. Here's someone that had a go but got it very wrong

Martham side of Poter Higham Bridge

63. Boatyard on the Martham side of Potter Heigham Bridge

Chart 5

64. River Thurne approaches left to Potter Heigham

Potter Higham Sign Stokesby Sign

65 & 66. Potter Heigham & Stokesby village signs

Reedlands where else

67. Neat name; how did they ever think of that, more reeds in Norfolk than anywhere else?

River Thurne

68. Return from Potter Heigham on River Thurne

Riverside dwelling

69. Riverside dwelling

With Yacht

70. With it's own yacht of course

River Thurne & Bure river junctions

71. Thurne Mouth to River Bure; Port to Great Yarmouth or Starboard Wroxham

Chart 6

72. Thurne Mouth, St Benet's Abbey, Fleet Dyke

St Benet's Abbey Ruins 1

73. St Benet's Abbey ruins

St Benet's Abbey Ruins 2

74. With later St Benet's Windmill built into the old ruins

St Benet's Abbey Ruins Plaque

75. Plague above entrance to old windmill

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