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Norfolk Broads

A copy free feature of the Norfolk Broads in May 2011

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Ancient Abbey Archway Inside Windmill

76. Ancient arch inside of the windmill

Arch Detail

77. Arch detail

Inside vew to top of windmill

78. View to the top of windmill

River Thurne Abbey Grounds

79. River Thurne from Abbey grounds

Cross at High Altar

80. Cross marks site of High Altar

Wood by Royal Appointment

81. Oak by Royal Presentation

Cattle Grazzing in Abbey Grounds

82. Cattle grazing the grounds of St Benet's Abbey

Abbey Wall

83. Remains of perimeter wall of Abbey site

St Benet's Abbey Gateway full view

84. Return view to the ruins of St Benet's Abbey

Thathed Cottage South Walsham

85. Norfolk Reed Thatched Cottage at South Walsham Broad

Ship In South Walsham

86. A swift pint at The Ship Inn South Walsham Broad

St Benet's Abbey from South Walsham side of River Bure

87. The Abbey ruins from South Walsham side

High Altar Cross from across River Bure

88. With alternative view of High Altar Cross

Ranworth Broad

89. Ranworth Broad

Ranworth Village Sign

90. Ranworth Village sign

Path to Ranwortyh Church

91. On pathway to Ranworth Church

Ranworth Church of St Helen

92. The Church of St Helen at Ranworth

Ranworth Church of St Helen Altar

93. Altar St Helens Church Ranworth

Ranworth Church climbing Bell Tower

94. Unusually St Helen's Church Bell Tower is open for those energetic, fit enough & with a head for heights to negotiate the ladders, trap doors to climb to the top

Ranworth Church Bellfrey

95. St Helen's Church Belfry

Ranworth Church Roof Top

96. Roof top with Ranworth Broad left & cut to River Bure

Malthouse Broad from Ranworth Church Roof Top

97. Malthouse Broad

Malthouse Broad from Ranworth Church Roof Top

98. Malthouse Broad

Ranworth Broad & cut to River Bure

99. Ranworth Broad left with cut to River Bure

Weather Vein

100. Weather vein

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