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The Oxford Cinema

Issue: 1 Updated: 10th August 2018

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Our feature on The Peter Cushing (Wetherspoons) prompted lots of interest

In follow up we publish a copy free feature of photographs of the building in its role as the Oxford Picture Hall, The Oxford & Kings Bingo Hall

Oxford Picture Hall 1922

1. Postcard of the Oxford Picture Hall (1922)

Opened in 1912 above showing 'Out of the Depths' with 'The Reward & Scotland Forever (1922)

Known to have been leased by John C Bentley in 1924, the original building was demolished in 1935 to make way for the Art Deco Style Oxford Cinema which opened in 1936 - 1984

Oxford cinema programme 1936

2. The Oxford Cinema opening programme (Monday 27th July 1936)

Oxford Picture Hall 1922

3. The Oxford Picture Hall (1922)

The Argosy Cinema 1937

4. The Argosy

Rival cinema formerly The Picture House was built in the High Street in 1937 re-named The Regal before closing in the 1960's has since been a supermarket

Kings Bingo Logo

5. Kings Bingo Logo

Initially home of Cascade Bingo, The Oxford was bought by Jerry Bown in 1996, he re-named it to operate in tandem with his other club, Kings Bingo in Sheerness (still running at date of pubication 22nd December 2011)

The Oxford/Kings Bingo 9/9/04

6. Kings Bingo (9th September 2004)

Foyer 22/10/04

7. Entrance Foyer (22nd October 2004)

Auditorium 22/10/04

8. The Auditorium (22nd October 2004)

Full house 31/10/04

9. Full house (31st October 2004)

Jerry then sold the business in 2005 then trading as Kings Bingo to Stewart Neame who operated the business as Oxford Bingo, Stewart also owns Connaught Bingo in Herne Bay he sold the building to JD Wetherspoons in March 2011

Kings Bingo Logo

10. Oxford Bingo Club Logo

Oxford/Kings Bingo 22/10/04

11. Front face (22nd October 2005)

Oxford/Kings Bingo 22/10/04

12. Front face close-up (22nd October 2005)

Projector transformer 16/9/04

13. Projector transformer (22nd October 2005)

Auditorium 9/2/08

14. Auditorium looking towards entrance doors (9th February 2008)

Auditorium 9/2/08

15. Auditorium from right side (9th February 2008)

Auditorium 9/2/08

16. Auditorium looking towards the stage/screen (9th February 2008)

Magic number board 9/2/08

17. Magic number board (9th February 2008)

Series of photographs follow from 12th July 2010 ...

Oxford/Kings Bingo building front 12/7/10

18. Front facade

Foyer 12/7/10

19. Entrance Foyer

Art deco panel 12/7/10

20. Art deco panel right side of stage/screen another panel left

Landing 12/7/10

21. Landing to balcony looking towards front

Landing 12/7/10

22. Landing looking towards balcony

Landing sign 12/7/10

23. Landing sign

Balcony seats 12/7/10

24. Balcony or Circle with seating for 394

Balcony lamp cluster 12/7/10

25. Balcony lamp cluster

Balcony clock 12/7/10

26. Balcony clock

Projector room sign 12/7/10

27. Projector room sign

Mercury rectifier 12/7/10 Projector room switching 12/7/10

28. Mercury Rectifier
29. Projector room switching

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