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The Oxford Cinema

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Our feature on The Peter Cushing (Wethersoons) prompted lots of interest

In follow up we publish photographs of the building in its role as the Oxford Picture Hall, Oxford - Kings Bingo Hall

Projector room switch 12/7/10

30. Projector room light switch

Projector transformer12/7/10

31. Projector transformer, right

Projector transformer12/7/10

32. Transformer, left

Switching 12/7/10

33. Switching

Switching panel label 12/7/10

34. Switching installation label

House switching 12/7/10

35. House switching

House switching 12/7/10

36. House switching panel close-up

Emergency switching 12/7/10

37. Emergency Auditorium light switch

Ticket machine 12/7/10

38. Ticket machine

Ushers seat 12/7/10

39. Ushers seat

Underside ticket machine 12/7/10

40. Underside of ticket machine

Auditorium 12/7/10

41. Auditorium from entrance

Auditorium 12/7/10

42. Auditorium from balcony, left

Auditorium 12/7/10

43. Auditorium from balcony, centre

Cellar steps 12/7/10

44. Down below, stairs to cellar

There were also stairs to back emergency fire doors, which in the Saturday Matinee days were opened to let friends in!

Cellar 12/7/10

45. Down below, stores & old fridge

Cellar lockers, storage 12/7/10

46. Locker storage

Boiler 12/7/10

47. Central heating boiler

Building left rear 12/7/10

48. Left rear of building Parry Law (Solicitors) car park left

Building right rear 12/7/10

49. Right rear side of building

Sign right rear 12/7/10

50. Rear right building heating vent over painted sign

Building left rear 12/7/10

51. Left rear of building overview

Connaught bingo & social club logo

52. Conaught Bingo & Social Club Logo

Connaught Bingo at 98 Central Parade, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5JJ (01227 3672128)

Photographs taken by employees husband & supplied by Oxford Bingo (c) with grateful thanks to Phil Hyland of the band Full Circle for his help in producing this feature

See the Oxford as The PeterCushing : Behind the Scenes at the Peter Cushing

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