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Behind the Scenes at the Peter Cushing

The Peter Cushing Pub Frontage

1. Frontage of the Oxford Street Building in Whitstable, Kent

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We've features on the Old Oxford Cinema, Kings Bingo & its transformation into the Peter Cushing, Whitstable

Now take a look 'Behind the Scenes' of the Peter Cushing with photographs taken on Friday 5th April 2013

Stairs to top floor

2. Stairs to the Projection rooms on the top floor

Projection room

3. Projection room with black non-reflective walls, hot air vents & outlines of switching boards

Ghostly Wetherspoons image

4. Ghostly image

Auditorium amplifier Auditorium amplifier close up

5. Auditorium amplifier 6. Close Up detail

Auditorium amplifier name plate close up

7. British Acoustic Films amplifier name plate


8. Racking

Racking Mercury rectifier

9. Racking 10. Mercury Rectifier

Mercury Arc Valves or Mercury Vapor Rectifiers convert high voltage alternating current in direct current for the typicfal carbon arc projectors

Projector transformer cabinet Projector transformer cabinet close up

11. Projector transformer 12. Close up detail

Box room

13. Small box room

 Projector room alternate view
14. Projection room

Roof top terrace

15. Roof terrace above front building sign

Roof top access ladder

16. Roof top access ladder

Stairs back to projector room

17. Stairs return to main projector room

Period light switch sign

18. 1930's period signage at top of roof stairs

Re-inforced roof 

19. Original reinforced concrete roof slabs, taken from behind toilets

Top of stage screen 1

20. Above the kitchens the top of the Cinema Stage Screen

Top of stage screen 2

21. Note original curved ceiling

Stairs to basement

22. Stairs to basement

Wall detail

23. Wall detail

The Oxford sign

24. General Manager Grant Thompson digs out the old wooden Oxford front building sign

Boiler slab Boiler core

25. Boiler base slab 26. Boiler core in coal shute

Cellar box room

27. Cellar box room now paint store

Floor slope below main floor

28. Below the bar looking to front of building clearly showing the original Cinema floor slope

The Peter Cushing Office

29. The office ensures smooth running of the Peter Cushing


30. Only here for the beer, part of the extensive range of fine ales that flow daily into the taps of the bar above

With grateful thanks to Grant Thompson & his team for their help producing this feature

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Also see The Oxford Cinema for Oxford & Kings Bingo & The Peter Cushing

Master of Horror poster

31. Plenty of memories from the master

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