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Peter Gander

Fine Artist

Update 25th October 2009 Issue : 2

Exhibitionists Peter & Fiona

Peter & Fiona exhibit themselves at the Somerset Maugham Gallery at the Horsebridge Whitstable from Wednesday 4th November to Tuesday 10th November 2009

Winderful Whitstabe Poster

Peter Gander returned to live in Kent after an absence of more than 20 years, he studied for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in
nearby Canterbury during 1981 to 1984

Since he has continued to work as a graphic designer & art director in London

Monopoly Logo

During his professional career, he lays claim to having re-designed the Monopoly box logo to include 'Mr Moneybags' which is still there to this day

London Transport Cartoon

Winning an advertising D&AD Yellow pencil award for a dog food campaign featuring 'Dougal' from cult animated childrens teleivision programme 'The Magic Roundabout' & having an award-winning cartoon featured on London's Underground Railway as well as poetry on the City's Buses

Peter Gander - Trout Fishing

Peter Fly's with the Fish pdf

Peter still works in London, but these days prefers fine art to art direction & tries to pursue painting alonside his passion for fly-fishing
as often as he can, often combining the two, as exhibited at 'Whitstable's Horsebridge Arts Centre'

More Fishy tales from Woodchurch pdf

Love Whitstable Poster Minnow Hunters

At the time of publication Peter has lived in Whitstable for almost 3 years with partner Fiona & his two children, Hannah & Jack
Peter has a lively, loose style, often painting unusually large format watercolours


Additionally Peter has exhibited at 'The Hertford Art Gallery'

'The Horsebridge' will again exhibit his work, this time a Whitstable based theme alongside work from his photographer partner Fiona Howarth in from the 9th of July to the 15th of July 2008

Seasalter Beach Huts

His work can also be seen as part of the 'WhitArt' collective show

Wheelers Oyster Bar

Exhibiting at 'The Fish-Slab Gallery', 11 Oxford Street, Whitstable, 16 - 29 July as part of the Whitstable towns Oyster Festival of exhibition work by Whitstable artists

SB Greta

Fine Artist - Peter Gander pdf

Peter Gander G Logo

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Best wishes from Whitstubble

Crabs gallore


Having a Ball in Whitstaball

We've Visited Whitstable's Hutspots

Famous for Fish n Chips

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Whitstable 'Sing Song'

Postcards available in shops throughout the town from summer 2009

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