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South Coast Sailing

Brighton to Brownsea Island Poole via Newtown, Yarmouth, Sandbanks & Bournemouth

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Port Buoy Loe Channel

The Port hand Street Buoy marking one side of the narrow Loe Channel off Selsey Bill

Mixon Beacon

Mixon Beacon the rocky shore side of the Loe Channel

Selsey Bill

Selsey Bill Lifeboat station one of the busiest in the Country

For latest "Shouts" see the Selsea Lifeboat website

Newtown Harbour Entrance

National Trusts Newtown Harbour entrance

See the Newtown history website

Harbour Master John

John collects harbour dues

Harbour Launch

Harbour launch heads back to Newtown a tiny village at the end of the tidal estuary

Isle of Wight Map

The Isle-of-Wight Newtown marked Chamilion Lake is the right hand fork from the harbour entrance & Solent

Army Shooting Ranges

Other than occasional army training warned by flag flown from centre pole

Newtown Flats

Newtown is a natural sanctuary for birds

Harbour Lake Chameleon

View across the harbour - Lake Chameleon

Old Sea Wall

Old sea wall at high tide

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