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South Coast Sailing

Brighton to Brownsea Island Poole via Newtown, Yarmouth, Sandbanks & Bournemouth

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Poole Harbour from air

Poole Harbour from the air

Studland left & the good old chain ferry ready to depart

Centre Brownsea Island & foreground Sandbanks

Picture from Poole Tourism

Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island from Wynch Channel

Browsea Island Plan

The Boy Scout Movement was begun here by Major-General Robert Baden-Powell

For the history of the island & more about its custodians The National Trust see Brownsea Island

Browsea Island & Chain Ferry

Poole Harbour with chain ferry from south beach of Brownsea Island

Mooring by Pottery Pier

Near neighbour lies off the Channel makers by Pottery Pier Brownsea Island one of our favorite anchorages

Painting of Pottery Pier

Unknown artists impression, view could well be from Pottery Pier

Brownsea Islands Landing Pier

Brownsea Islands landing pier castle & main housing

Brownsea Islands Landing Pier Buildings

From East of Poole Harbour entrance

Chain Ferry

Chain ferry at Poole Harbour entrance


Sandbanks from inshore channel

Sandbanks from inshore channel

Development & modification

Sandbanks from inshore channel

Has made Sandbanks the most desirable residence in Europe

Sandbanks from the air

Skyview of Sandbanks now one of the worlds most expensive real estates. For more on this salubrious location see Sandbanks

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