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Red Sands Fort

The Control Tower

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31. Fort Office

Designated as Spare Room on plans, corridor on right between water tanks to Sick Bay & Men's Sleeping

32. Fort Office Door close up

33. Fuse Box

34. 5 Amp Mains Socket

35. Men's Sleeping Area

36. G4 from Plotting Room
37. Floor level vent

38. In between Spare Room & Plotting Room

Note: Un designated partitioned area

39. Markings: 7/11/42 6c B334 RBR

40. Plotting Room with G2 just in view

41. Roof Stairs from Men's Sleeping
42. G1 from Intermediate Level Doors

Note: Header Water Tank right in frame 36 also see frame 42

43. Broken Door Mechanism

44. G3 from Intermediate Level Doors

45. G2 from Spare Room

46. Spare Room Light Fitting & Shade

47. Roof Stairs from Men's Sleeping
48. Hot Water Tank

Note: Main & Header Water Tanks in frame 42 also see image 36

49. Broken Radiator

Note: Many of the all the Forts metal fixtures & fittings scavenged

50. G2 from Spare Room 1

51. G2 from Spare Room 2

52. Spare Room Window Detail

53. Two pin 5 Amp Mains Socket

54. Stud Wall Partition between Spare Room & Sick Bay

55. Roof Stairs
56. Top of Stairs

57. G1 from Roof
58. G1 Roof Close-Up

Note: Red Sands Radio Antenna Guy arrangement

59. Part of Radar Prediction Units

60. Secondary Flag Pole Bracket

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