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Red Sands Radio - Part 10

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Bofors Gun Tower landing stage

Sid Seagull perched on the Bofors Tower landing stage with the SW Oaze buoy in background

Platform Gun Tower 1 left perspective Platform Gun Tower 1 right perspective

On the platform, left & right sides looking North

Red Sands Tower Buoy & Coaster

Red Sands Tower Buoy & an inward bound coaster for the Medway with Shoeburyness 7 nautical miles beyond

Still used to destroy old ammunition, bombs & incendiary devices, the blasts from the ranges at Shoeburyness are readily heard on the North Kent coast

Herne Bay in particular suffers damage to property yet the Government refuse to move the establishment to a less populated part of the UK

The noise from the blasts on the Fort can be perturbing especially to new comers!

Ladder system

From the landing stage inside the cage to the crows nest, then a final ladder into the belly of the Fort

Visiting vessels

Gravesend based Princess Pocahontas & sail training ship make a visit

Grand Ruby car transporter

Now that is ugly, the Grand Ruby Car transporter registered in Panama out of Sheerness Dock

ICOM's Phil Hadler & Chris Ridley

Phil Hadler ICOM MD & Engineer & Chris Ridley at the amateur radio rig, multi band world wide & D'Star transmissions were made under the call sign GB zero RSR

Apollo crane barge

The London Crane Barge Apollo owned by GPS Marine

Lorry Ferry

Lorry Transporter out of Dartford with Southend in the background

Fort Mast Array

How many poles?

Out of view ICOM Communications masts, ship to shore on stairwell roof, carbon fibre flag pole, main transmitter antenna, TV aerial, & 2.4 Gig amateur TV mast


Chris & Phil on fatigues

Antena & capacitance hat

Red Sands Radio antenna & capacitance hat

Graham on X-Pilot

Port controller Graham, visits as X-Pilot crew

Helium baloon fiasco

Chris Ridley launches a Helium like most of radios gas balloon experiments it breaks free & fly's off towards Shivering Sands

Disaster the gas bottle supplied as able to filling 6 balloons didn't manage a small puff for the 2nd balloon & so the experiment's abandoned

ICOM planned to float a long wire on a buoy but weather conditions prevented the attempt

Turner on Tea

Look out Turner's playing his best tune on the Hobs

Jobs: The galley has a new cooker, we've a slow cooker, several electric kettles & heaters
The lounge has new dining suite, a desk & new soft chairs, we've put a sofa, on the top floor just inside the doors & a large 7mtre x 1.5 mtr Red Sands Radio banner fixed on the lower balcony rails

Phil lusts over Kylie Birdwatching with Chicago

Phil commiserates loss of the balloon with a few St Omar's suddenly he's lusting after Kylie, surely not 'Fort Fever' after just two days!
Chicago does a spot of bird watching

Supper's finished

Clean plates all round, nice one Kevin

Seagull, Bill & Kate's mum roosting

Bill & Kate's mum has the last squawk

Meridian TV visited the Forts whilst we were broadcasting in 2007 & produced a report on Red Sands Radio in their Summer of Love series presented by Ian MacLaren

Now some Movies - UTube 1

Our Webcam shots in timelaps - UTube 2

At least gives an idea - UTube 3

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