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Red Sands Radio - Part 11

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Western approach to Red Sands

Tender approaches from West

Swell around the legs

Quite a swell around the Fort legs has always made berthing alongside interesting

In the 1960's the crane motors were brought back into service with the jib fully extended small fishing boat tenders were able to hold off, unlike the 75 ton X-Pilot which in a chop drops off on a single line as supplies are winched from the fore deck

Printz on the Fort roof

Black Printz surveys the from the roof

Chris Ridley, Phil Hadler, Kevin Turner, Printz & BLR

Chris Ridley, Phil Hadler, Kevin Turner, Printz & BLR at top door

West side Fort top from tender

West side of Gun Tower 1

Fort festooned with antennas

Festooned with antennas the GB0RSR amateur radio ICOM call sign

Pirate Flag too

The Pirate Flag flown a discretion from the lower walkway

Tender circles ready for approach

Tender circles to come up wind into the wind, tide & swell

Ready for the boat

Visitors time again & maybe some choice supplies, don't hold your breath

Printz still on the Fort roof

Will Printz come down & help?

Underside of Gun Tower 1

Underside of Gun Tower 1 cast iron pipe work runs from Officers bathroom left side & Men's Toilets right side the pipes couple with the final section dropping to just below mean tide sea level

Underside of Gun Tower 1

Underside of Gun Tower 1 below lower balcony walkway

Red Sands Radio flag

Red Sands Radio flying from the carbon fibre flagpole

Calling all cars, make that boats

Press Shot of Barry Vane calling all stations

Radio people gathering

Kevin Nice - Monitoring Monthly, Emily Aldred - Sportsboat & RIB, Barry Vane - ICOM (UK) Ltd
Ian Lockyer - ICOM (UK) Ltd, Trevor Allinson - Ofcom, Nicholas Woollard - Ofcom
Elaine Richards - Radcom, Roger Hall - Practical Wireless/Radio User)

Tender departs

Seeing off another Tender

Tender's gone

They've gone, the small team spirit returns that makes Offshore Radio so special

Tender pulls away

Tender X-Pilot sets off home

Evening looking towards the windfarm

Evening approaches looking east towards the Kent Flats Windfarm 

Falling tide at evening

Ebbing evening tide

Antenna in the sunset

Antenna in the setting sun

Bofors Tower in sunset

Bofors Gun Tower in a lovely sunset

Bofors Tower in a blow

Conditions deteriorate rapidly

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