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Red Sands Radio - Part 11


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During 2008 a number of high profile visits were made to Red Sands

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SB Greta under sail

SB Greta in the Thames Estuary in 2008

Red Sands Fort July 2008

Red Sands Forts July 2008

Kent Underground Team

The Kent Underground Team leave Red Sands Fort on our Tender X-Pilot on 16th July 2008

Shortly after we came of air we took 'Kent Underground' on 16th July 2008 they are eager to help in the restoration, they could have their work cut out

SB Greta

SB Greta on 30th July 2008

BBC Television were invited aboard whilst we were on-air but bad weather prevented a boarding

Close up views of Southern Gun Tower Close up views of Southern Gun Tower

Two views of sealed Gun Tower 1 Red Sands Forts in July 2008

We'd previously taken a BBC TV production team out to the Fort in preparation for a spring 2009 edition of the Coast Programme see Red Sands Radio - Part 8d

Close up views of Southern Gun Tower Close up views of Gun Tower 2

Gun Tower 1
Gun Tower 2

With a weather window the crew came out again for the shoot on 30th August 2008

Close up views of Gun Tower 2 Bofors Gun Tower

Gun Tower 2
Bofors Gun Tower

The party consisted Neil Oliver - Presenter, David Symonds - Producer/Director, Julian Clinkard - Cameraman, a Sound Man & Katherine Arthy - Programme Assistant

BBC Production team on Fort

Julian with David & the sound guy make their way to the top of the Tower of Power

BBC Production team Julian, David, Katherine

Sound, Julian, David & Katherine

Neil Oliver

Trade mark shoulder length hair & bag dead give away - Neil Oliver

Team talk through sequence

Sound, Julian, Neil & David talk through the sequence

Antenna Neil Oliver

Close up of lattice Antenna
Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver Neil Oliver

Neil gets to grips with the script
Neil job done

Filming atmospheric shots

Neil, Julian, David & Sound recording atmos' shots

Mandy & Robin

Mandy Keyley & Robin Adroft of project-redsand on our Tender X-Pilot on 30th July 2008

The BBC TV programme 'Coast' is scheduled for transmission March-April 2009

G1 looking east Control & G1 south

Looking due East; Gun Tower 1
Looking due South; Control Tower & Gun Tower 1

Prodigy at Fort Press Report

Prodigy at Red Sands large jpg file

The Rock Band Prodigy used the Red Sands Fort in October 2008 for their video shoot for their album 'The Invaders Must Die' the video again with detail on the project-redsand site

South West view through Towers

Looking South West between Gun Tower 4 & 3

East view through Towers to Control & G1 East view to G1

Looking South East to Control & Gun Tower 1
Looking East at Gun Tower 1

SB Greta

SB Greta on 30th July 2008

Friday 23 January 2009 Boris Johnson Mayor of London tells politicians to look seriously at Thames estuary airport
proposal which in his opinion would be 'absolutely fantastic' for environment after taking a boat trip aboard a dredger on the estuary to the potential site accompanied with Nick Raynsford, the MP for Greenwich and Woolwich who chairs a new cross-party parliamentary group on the proposal

Sketch of proposed Thames airport

Sketch of proposed Thames Airport

He dismissed fears that a new airport on the estuary would damage wildlife."We have learned that there is a remote site where an airport could be built with minimal disruption to people of Essex and Kent." he went on "There are technical issues to be addressed, but I see no overwhelming obstacle, we now need to work with other experts to address the challenges."

London Mayor Boris Johnson

'Dream Boat' Boris Johnson

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has warned that a Thames estuary airport would be disastrous for "tens of thousands" of migrating birds in the area. Jenny Jones, a Green party London assembly member, accused the mayor of putting "blind optimism ahead of the facts" she continued "Planes and birds don't mix, as any resident of New York will testify," she said. "This is one of the top five internationally important sites for birds in the UK.

"More than 200,000 birds use the Thames estuary in winter alone, including species whose numbers have dropped steeply elsewhere, their presence would pose a serious risk of bird strike, a threat that would be impossible to avert."

Here's the Video Clip

Any comments?

Dream boat Boris comes up with a mad cap scheme, without considering how shipping with navigate the Medway & Thames, the east coast is a literal minefield of sand banks & the unstable wreck of the Montgomery, come on Boris more homework - David Capstan, Rainham

Have to say Boris is all at sea over his proposal it poses numerous problems not withstanding the infrastructure of the Isle-of-Sheppey. The railway traverses a single lifting bridge, the new Sheppey Road Bridge whilst adequate in itself has poor roads on the mainland with a bottle-neck at the A249/M2 roundabout & nothing but B standard roads on the island - Alan Pearson, Sittingbourne

Kent on Saturday 6/3/2010

Kent on Saturday 6th March 20010 - Common sence at last, not only the airlines but central government say the plans all but dead in the water!

But Boris is still going through the motions (at cost to us) before accepting the fact his idea's crazy - Colin Andrews

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