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Red Sands Radio - Part 14

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A flight over the Red Sands Radio catchment of North Kent Coast in photographs on 31st August 2009

Tankerton-on-Sea 5

48. Bank Holiday on Marine Parade

Tankerton-on-Sea 6

49. Rows of Beach Huts at Tankerton

Tankerton-on-Sea 7

50. Water treatment works at Swalecliffe

Tankerton-on-Sea 8

51. Tankerton looking towards Whitstable Harbour up the Swale to Faversham onto Conyer, Milton, Sittingbourne & the Isle-of-Sheppey

Tankerton-on-Sea 9

52. Great view showing the 1930's layout of Tankerton from above the old A2990 Thanet Way

Pelican control panel

53. Note the temperature gauge reading 210 degrees Jon casually said 'Don't worry if you see the temperature rise a bit'! Adding 'it runs on a non-water based fluid which is good up to 130 degrees'

Pilot Jon Leigh

54. Beginning the decent in level flight South from 2000 feet 'Now where's that landing strip'

Canterbury 1

55. University of Kent at Canterbury, the Water Tower at the top of St Thomas' Hill with Rough Common & Blean Woods beyond

Canterbury 2

56. Broad Oak Road left with Kingsmead sports hall & ground right of centre, railway from Ramsgate/Margate line looking towards Canterbury West

Canterbury 3

57. Palace Street with the Cathedral on left, with Wincheap beyond

Canterbury 4

58. The Cathedral centre beyond the Rheims Way towards Harbledown the A2 & Brenley Corner

Canterbury 5

59. London Road Estate right of Rheims Way the A2 towards Boughton Hill


60. Kingston Village on right


61. Approach to Clipgate Denton

Clipgate 1

62. The Airstrip is quite tricky to spot

Clipgate 2

63. Hidden in the trees the airfield strip

Clipgate 3

64. Through the gap in the trees literally

Jon with Pelican

65. Jon locks on the towing hitch ready to put his baby to bed

With grateful thanks to Jon Leigh for an excellent flight

06/05/09 - Great site have just moved down the area and was looking on the net as regards to the Red & Shivering Sands Sea Forts I can see from my front window & found out they were once a base for pirate radio! Fantastic.........
Was thinking of taking over the old pier in the bay as my own pirate base but the wife wont let me!
Its been about 15 years since I've done pirate radio back when I lived in Essex and London.
I now understand looking on your site and in the local press that you are now running the local radio station in Whitsable
All the best with the station - Carl Hyde - Herne Bay, Kent

11/05/09 - I am trying to find music like that broadcast by 390... can you give me any pointers?
if you have the necessary I will purchase it all from you. regards, Walter

13/05/09 - Hello, I've been looking at your excursions and I'm interested in visiting the sea forts. Do you have any more information about them and is it possible to take photographs on any of the forts is this a possibility, but I noticed there is a platform on one of them to dock. When do you have scheduled trips and do you do private charters? Thanks for your time, Mel Bellamy

For sailing trips into the Thames Estuary & the Forts see Boat Trips

02/06/09 - I am a 3d artist last week I discover the Red Sands Tower for the first time and I fell in love with this structure. Now Iwould like to rebuild this piece of history in a 3d program.
You will find a lot of my works at my website Every Picture on this site is not a photo but done in a 3d programm which I've worked for many years. Best regards - Philipp

12/06/09 - I've been an offshore radio enthusiast since the 1960s. Radio London was my favourite station. Since I lived in the Midlands I could also hear both Caroline ships but I always preferred North. After August 14 I transferred my affections to the indistinct signal from the Norderney. I became a journalist and greatly disillusioned by the quality of radio until Laser came on air. I'm still not convinced by the generality of radio but some internet stations are quite exciting. I loved Red Sands Radio and I looking forward to more Best wishes - Bob Reynolds

20/06.09 - Sorry to hear you won't be on medium wave this year! Last year heard you from a friends house near to here with some sort of loop in the garden, Amazing Best regards - Michael Ryde, Isle of Wight

23/06/09 - There was a several singers on Red Sands Radio Jingle Sessions have a look it works like this ..... Sneak Session Steve England S2 Blue

03/07/09 - Just a quick note to say good luck with Red Sands Radio will pop down - Cheers Tim Murphy

07/08/09 - Can I ask one quick and most important question please, when will Red Sands Radio be broadcasting again please? It was brilliant and the best thing to happen to radio for years, i have since tried other local stations and the quality is just not there I am afraid to say. Well done and you are all sorely missed! Kind regards - Steve Coles

10/08/09 - Meg and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Red Sands Radio - Cheers Rob

10/08/09 - Red Sands Radio was a big success with lots of local support and interest it would be good for a Community station for the Estuary and coastal towns. Cheers Dan

06/09/09 - Great pictures of Whistable we have just bought a beach hut down West Beach, very dissapointed you didn't fly over there....ha ha. Fantasic web-site really enjoyed looking at the forts etc, How did the the wedding go?
Keep in touch John

20/10/09 - Did you see the "South East Today" report on Boris's idea for a Floating Airport in the Estuary on Monday19th October 2009. Worryingly when they showed footage of the area he wants to put it in! There was a fab scene of the Red Sands Towers complete with your Antenna on top of the Fort. Keep him away from there! All the best. Steve Rowden

Watch this space and

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