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Red Sands Radio - Part 15

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'All Over the Place' Children's television programme (CBBC's)

Control Tower

27. The much photographed Control Tower

Control Tower close up

28. Red Sands they are rust taking a grip on the armour plate

Infant gulls

29. Not the prettiest of baby birds scrawny fledging seagulls

Jenny & Ed'

30. CBBC Presenters Jenny & Ed' ham it up on the Fort in the Red Sands Radio News Room/Lounge (former NCO's 'officers' sleeping) in an Offshore Radio sketch

Pulling away from Fort

31. Pulling away from the Fort

Pulling away from Fort

32. Deceptive more often than not a healthy swell prevails

Tracy & Natalie

33. Another mug of tea on the way home

X-Pilot in Whitstable Harbour

34. Return to terra firma the X-Pilot on the Ballast Berth East quay (deadman's corner)

Trevor & Alan

35. Trevor Adams (projectredsand) & X-Pilot skipper Alan Littlewort


36. The CBBC crew

27/07/10 - I would like to say thank you for being so accommodating with the filming of our new Children's BBC television series 'All Over the Place' I really appreciate all your help with the sea forts, filling us in with facts, and for participating in the filming of the item. As you are aware, Children's television budgets are very low, so we heavily rely on the goodwill of our contributors and locations, so I thank you for your cooperation.

The item we have filmed looks absolutely fantastic, and we know that our audience will be most impressed. The series is due for transmission in January 2011 Best wishes Natalie Moss, CBBC Scotland

Red Sands Fort from Herne Bay

37. A 'dot'on the horizon the Red Sand Forts from a RiB off Herne Bay (Errol Sidelsky)

Tune in

38. Even though we were on the 'quay side' this year our long play-list of 'the best of yesterday and today' topical local information, news and guests proved highly popular to a local & world-wide audience

Thanks to all our sponsors, advertisers, and you one of the thousands of listeners attracted to the terrestrial & on-line broadcasts throughout July, all proving there's a place for proper local radio for the North Kent Coastal Towns & Thames Estuary basin

Red Sands Radio 87.7 Logo

'From the coast to the city' Red Sands Radio; photographs, statistics and what's going on continues to be published at Red Sands Radio

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