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Red Sands Radio - Part 2b

Issue 2 : Updated : 21st February 2008

Onboard the Red Sands Fort

Control Tower from crows nest

Control Tower from landing stage

X-Pilot from crows nest

X-Pilot from Fort Crows Nest

G3 from crows nest

G3 Tower from crows nest

Gun Tower Bottom Floor Plan

Where am I, now & then?

A = Ladder Entrance Hatch now modified but originally fitted with two heavy wooden doors, which have been retained

B = Double steel doors open to balcony which runs around Fort to catwalk way at top, the large open area for taking on & off supplies

C = Men's Washroom& Bathrooms. Urinal centre left, heads at top & the bottom left bathroom was used for Solar Shower

D = Oil Boiler Central Heating room, used for one of our two Kipor Generators

E = N.C.O's Washroom, stripped of fittings in 1964 & used as TX room by Radio Invicta, now unused

F = Men's Sleeping, the 1964 Radio Invicta Studio

Top Doors from within

Open top Fort doors the crane operative position to the left

Gun Tower intermediate floor plan

G = Double steel doors to again to take on & off supplies

H = Men's Recreation Room, used as Galley

I = Men's Sleeping, used as sleeping

J = Fresh & Saltwater Tanks, unused

K = Magazine Room, dry storage

L = N.C.O's Sleeping, Lounge/Newsroom

M = N.C.O's Recreation & store, the partition was removed in 1964, Red Sands Radio Studio

Tony & I decided that since the arrangement worked well on Shivering Sands, we'd repeat the proven Radio City layout on Red Sands

Tony Pine & Big Phil from top doors

Tony Pine & Big Phil at bottom door balcony

Radio Invicta studio area

The original Radio Invicta Studio with cut out inset window through to what was the TX room

Sleeping area

John, Big Phil & Tony in the Sleeping Area

Robin Banks has a smoke

Robin snatches a smoke before a self imposed smoking ban in the Lounge/Newsroom

Press Release #5

Press release 5 - PDF File - 11th June 2007


This will be the Studio - honest

Lounge Newsroom

This will become the Lounge/Newsroom


The Galley can't find the T'Pot so a brew in a saucepan

Sleeping area

Sleeping Area

G1 roof top

G1 roof top with Antenna Mast Sections ready to go up!

G3 & 4 from on top of shell locker

G3 & 4 from on top of shell locker with Container Ship out of Thames Port

TV antenna

TV Antenna line of sight to Dover mast

X-Pilot from balcony

X-Pilot from balcony with Skipper Alan & Justin making ready to depart, back tomorrow

G3 & 4 from walkway

Gun Towers 3 & 4 Radio 390 Studio(s) & Sleeping respectively

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