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Red Sands Radio - Part 3

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Issue 2 : Updated : 21st February 2008

X-Pilot 3/4 port bow X-Pilot with Rob & Joe

19.07 Rob Ashard with Joe about to return to shore on the Tender

Control Tower from G1 Walkway

The Control Tower from Gun Tower 1 walkway

Control Tower Winch

Control Tower winch used in the to haul up supplies from small craft

Central to the Fort complex these Towers weren't fitted with electric crane hoists

X-Pilot leaves

Rob Ashard the Happy Snapper

Bofors Gun Tower Base

Bofors Gun Tower legs showing Oxford Picture Frame bracing construction at half tide

X-Pilot steams off

Rob gets a last few frames in as the tender pulls away for Whitstable


Friday 13th July 2007

Control Tower at low tide

Control Tower at low tide with nesting Gulls & ship passing in background

Press Release #8

Press Release 8 - PDF File - 25th June 2007

Fort Pets

One of three hatches of gulls on our Gun Tower roof, initially the parent birds dive bombed us when we ventured near, but soon realised we weren't a threat especially when we gave them treats of raw meat & scraps

We soon adopted them as Fort Pets, you can hear the story in our Documentary Life Live on Red Sands Radio available from the Offshore Shop

Chicago tunes up

Masses of works done around the Fort: Living Quarters & Galley cleaned up, Studio & Newsroom working as Peter tunes the antenna in readiness testing

3.7" Shell Lockers

One of the four 3.7" Shell Lockers on top of the Gun Towers

Gun Tower 3 Gun Tower 4

Gun Tower 3 the Radio 390 Studio(s) & Gun Tower 4 Radio 390 Accommodation

3.7" Shell Lockers obvious at each corner, constructed of very heavy gauge steel, over coated in stone & bitumen & armour plate each held 32 rounds

Jonas approaches on a collision course

Bit of a scare as the Jonas approaches at a steady speed on a virtual collision course & doesn't respond to our radio calls

Jonas passes close

She passes very close motoring between us & the Bofors Tower

Antenna as night falls

Night falls there's nothing for it at Midnight we begin testing 1-2-3-4

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