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Red Sands Radio - Part 3

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Issue 2 : Updated : 21st February 2008

Saturday 14th July 2007

For reason of health & safety we always planned to keep the onboard number to a minimum

It was a challenge but in the 60's we survived with three on Radio City across at Shivering Sands on Red Sands Radio it was two

Shivering Sands Towers through Red Sands G1 Galley window

Shivering Sands through the remnants of the wire reinforced glass window of the galley

See Red Sands Radio - Part 2 for layout

Kevin in the galley

Kevin Turner arrives & gets to grips with the Galley arrangement

Stairs to roof

View from Galley & Sleeping access; The intermediate floor looking at stairs to Gunners Tool Cupboard & Roof

Gunners Tool Cupboard Antenna & tuning coil cabinet

Red Sands Ship to Shore link in the Gunners Tool Cupboard

Antenna & tuning coil cabinet from top of final flight of roof stairs

Redsands Bouy & Control Tower

North Redsand Towers Buoy, Control with Gun Tower 2, Searchlight Towers beyond & G3 right


Container ships making their way to & from the Thames pass close by, the sea lanes are just a few metres out from the Fort

Sleeping quarters door signage

Door to Sleeping quarters with wartime Anti-Aircraft Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers signage

Sleeping Quarters

Sleeping Quarters

Press Release 9 - PDF File - 2nd July 2007

Inside Galley Door Looking towards studio from galley

Sun rise in the Galley shows off the texture of the old paint, & we're on air the studio from the Galley

Audio Break

First Day: Opening announcement, Jack Daniel's, Rob Ashard, Stephen Wright & Kevin Turner


Kevin Turner gets to go on air

17.00 Kevin Turners first show in an age looks pleased to make his return on Red Sands Radio

The first 3 days Programmes Schedule

Skull & Cross Bones with Bob

18.44 We're in the Documentary Hour so a few moments respite flying an imaginary Kite "Fort Madness" strikes!

Andy of Kites 'n' Things sent us out the flag, the other small mast behind the flag is ship to shore antenna

Skull & Cross Bones with Kevin

Turner was worried that Flying the Skull & Cross Bones might be treasonable! & the Royal Navy would blow us out the water

RN Minesweeper

Goodness a Royal Naval Minesweeper

Bygone Kent July/AugCover

We produced a feature for the July/August Issue Volume 28 Number 4 of Bygone Kent covering the 40th anniversary of the Marine Etc Broadcasting Offences Act the issue included the launch of Red Sands Radio

This continues in Red Sands Radio - Part 4

Red Sands Radio QSL Card

If you would like a Red Sands Radio QSL Card we have a few remaining these are available to purchase from the Offshore Shop

18/11/07 - I must congratulate you on a great Red Sands Radio Scrapbook. The photos are excellent & when I think about the tremendous effort it took to achieve what you did that July it was truly a labour of love for all concerned.- John H


5/11/07 - Please find attached my reception report. Do tell me the name of the theme tune that started at 7 minutes to 7 & the stagers you used. Have just got home after doing night shift - Regards, Tony Magon, Sydney, Australia

Dear Tony Thanks for your informative report, a QSL card winging it's way to you. With respect to your questions: I programmed Red Sands Radio to have 4 themes. You rightly say we opened at 7 minutes to 7 with our version of "La Femme De'Argent" by Air to begin programmes at precicely 07.00. 4 hours later at 11.00 we played our stager mix of "Offshore" by Chicane & 4 hours after that at 15.00 "Slip Into Something More Comfortable" by Kinobe. We closed at 19.00 closed each day with "On A Clear Day" by Frank Pourcel, the track everyone believed was the theme tune used by Radio 390

Finally, we closed down the 2007 broadcast with "Sentimental" by the Telecast Orchestra which was the actual Radio 390 Theme. Trust this all helps

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