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Red Sands Radio - Part 5

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You're Aboard

Crane operatives window open

Not such a black hole the first time in 40 years both doors & the crane operatives window had been opened

Thanks to Big Phil & his dogged determination with a gas torch, multiple cans of WD40 & club hammer

SB Greta visits Big Phil fills solar shower tank

Looking down on the bare lamp base & SB Greta as Big Phil draws water for a Solar Shower in celebration of freeing the doors & crane window

Turner shovels

He's murder with a shovel Kevin Turner on fatigues cleaning the roof

Fledgling seagull

One of our 'pets' fledgling Seagulls hardly take notice now especially as they're regularly fed scraps

Cobelfret ferry the Clementine

Cobelfret Ferry Clementine out of Tilbury passes daily

Rob Ashard in studio

Looking smug fresh from 'Dancing On Ice' Rob talked into staying

Ashard audio logo

Little did he know what he'd let himself in for

Tranmitters & processing Visitors on X-Pilot

The Medium Wave TX Rig & Optimod Rack with Standby TX on top

More visitors arrive on our tender X-Pilot

Food Store Crazed paintwork

Interior galley food store & door in early morning sunrise crazed paint produces an amazing pattern

Galley door Galley to studio

View form galley through to studio, furthest opening on right to lounge & the short corridor to magazine

Main bedroom Magazine corridor

Leaving galley past main bedroom & the short corridor to the Magazine Room

Water tanks Magazine room door

Fresh & salt water tanks with level indicators on right of Magazine Room corridor, outside magazine room door

Interior Magazine Room

Inside Magazine Room

Interior Magazine Room to door Interior Magazine Room wall

Justin at Lounge door & from same position left corner of Magazine Room

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