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Red Sands Radio - Part 5

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You're Aboard

Lounge Newsroom

Newsroom & Lounge with third Standby TX

Tourist Information Centre Canterbury

Meanwhile on land Sun Street Tourist Information Office opposite Canterbury Cathedral Gate promoting Red Sands Radio

Studio UPS, Main TX & Standby

As a nod to Laser 558 we ran a 60's Sunday Show which kept the TX excited

Phil's Lamp Bulb

A major triumph for Big Phil who's delighted to find the only original light bulb from the Magazine Room works

Washroom & heads

Each Tower has a double urinal & three traps the Heads have suffered over the years through vandalism

3 traps

The outer doors aren't watertight, above picture taken after a torrential downpour

The Southern Gun Tower tilts slight North East so rain water collects in the right hand Head

We took remedial action to both let the water drain & managed to secure all the outer doors but they still leak

Bath 2 Bath 2 close up

Bleached & scoured to within a gnats whisker of removing the last of it's enamel by Kevin Turner, our salubrious bath used as shower tray drains away to sea

Bath 1

The other bathroom not in use

Flat calm

Not many days like this in July 2007

Flat calm fishing

On the few occasions we had sunshine it was glorious

Walkway Walkway to Shivering Sands

Lower level walkway to Shivering Sands Fort just 4 miles away

Crew photo call

Passing shot staged for Rob 'Crew Call' Big Phil Sheppard, Peter Chicago Rob Ashard, Tony Pine, Robin Banks & self

Tender below

Tenders here

View to fort from tender Antenna from boat

A cheery wave

View of fort from boat

That's it until next time

Red Sands Fort full perspective July 20007

The Red Sands Fort Complex in July 2007

Grateful thanks to Rupert Murray, Rob Ashard & Kevin Turner for additional photographs

This feature continues in Red Sands Radio - Part 6

11/09/09 I am currently researching the Danger Man episode "Not So Jolly Roger" with which I'm sure you yourself are quite familiar. During the 2007 Red Sands Radio broadcast, presenter John Ross-Barnard did a show one Sunday afternoon, I believe it may well have been the first Sunday you were on the air, but I cannot be sure. During his show, which I listened to intently but, unfortunately, did not record, John spoke at quite some length about his time on Radio 390 and also included information about the filming of the Danger Man episode. This was, of course, filmed during the time in which John was on the Red Sands Fort. It is the material from this show that I am particularly interested in. I would be extremely grateful for any information that would assist me considerably in my research. Many Thanks, John Sales

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