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Red Sands Radio - Part 7

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Justin watches the tender arrive

Justin watches our supply tender X-Pilot approach

Control Tower With Dick Palmer

Amongst those onboard 'Big Dick' Richard Palmer


Richard only momentarily thinks about taking a bath, too many memories of Knock John

Bofors Tower 3.7" Gun Tower 2

Bofors & 3.7" Gun Tower 2

Main on-air studio

The show goes on

Mike Barrington visits

Standing bearded Mike Barrington centre came out with Paul Bonnet, Simon Jones & his brother, Mike's principle engineer on the Principality of Sealand comes out in the rain

Cormarant Gulls & Autocarrier

Seagulls try to 'spook' the Cormarant

Ghostly Shipping

As shipping makes its way towards the open sea through the Thames Estuary

Cormarant Gulls & Autocarrier

Unperplexed the Cormarant stick to his perch the crane jib on the Bofors Tower as the empty 'Autocarrier' out of Sheerness approaches

Bob n Dick

Snap-shot in London captured by Elija

3.7" Gun Tower #3 3.7" Gun Tower #4

3.7" Gun Tower 3 & 4

3.7" Gun Tower #1

Southern 3.7" Gun Tower 1 with scaffolding on balcony

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