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Red Sands Radio - Part 7

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Low flying aircraft

Frigging with the Rigging a low flying aircraft takes a look

River Police boat

As Thames River Police take an interest

Low flying aircraft buzzing

The fly by 'Press' Plane buzzed us & took pictures for over 15 minutes

Fledling Seagull up close

Fledgling Seagulls couldn't care less

Water Safety Patrol boat!

Another Media visit wondered why they are dissuaded from coming alongside in their small fibre glass power boat in a force 5!

Mandy Kewley

Mandy Kewley in Fort Session

Mandy Kewley

Live music never sounded better than at sea

Vic & Joyce Davis

Vic & Joyce Davis pictured in the garden of his Chestfield (Whitstable) home

One of our Whitstable skippers he was owner of the 'Mullard' supply vessel to Radio K.I.N.G & Radio 390

Vic appeared on Red Sands Radio in a programme with John Ross-Barnard with recollections of servicing the Fort during the 1960's

Fort Fever

Goodness, told that I had 'Fort Fever' a condition diognosed by doctors in the war, Julie isn't helping!


Justin makes his bid for freedom & escapes the confines of the Red Sands Fort


A sensational Red Sand sunset

Unsigned Album Cover Unsigned Album Cover

Not afraid to spotlight & give due exposure to unsigned new music

Album artwork for 'Madtone' with tracks that drew inspiration from the Offshore Radio Army Forts

2008 promises even more fresh songs from unsigned bands & artists

Get yours into us now

Galley interior of door Red Sands Radio QSL Card

Closing the Galley door on Red Sands Radio for now & 2007 QSL Card

This feature continues in Red Sands Radio - Part 8

Grateful thanks to Rupert Murray, Ian Harris, Rob Ashard, Kevin Turner & Ron for their photograph contributions

Not to be missed an explanation to accompany this feature on CD Life Live on Red Sands Radio takes listeners on a tour around the Southern Gun Tower

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