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Red Sands 2012

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Issue: 1 Updated: 9th January 2013

Herne Bay & the Red Sands Fort during 2012

Starting at Herne Bay Pier: The first of three piers was begun in 1831 around the same time as Whitstable Harbour was built, this made way for a second opened in 1873

The early pier survived great storm of 1897 & it's replacement was completed in 1899

Herne Bay esplanade in the 1900's

1. Herne Bay Esplanade in the 1900's

Herne Bay Beach in the 1900's

2. Herne Bay Beach from the Pier in 1900's

Herne Bay Pier in 1937

3. Herne Bay Pier in 1937

Two sections were breached by bombing in WWII & netting used as camophlage, with compensation paid for the War damage the gaps were filled by 'Bailey Bridges'

Herne Bay Pier in 1960's

4. A tram operated until 1950 the Pier pictured above in the 1960's with Shivering Sands Forts just visible on the right horizon

Herne Bay Poster 1 Herne Bay Poster 2 Herne Bay Poster 3

5-7. Posters promoting Herne Bay as a leisure resort

In the infamous floods of 1953 the pier lost its concrete shore ballastrade

Served by early Paddel Steamers & laterly the 'PS Medway Queen' & 'MV Queen of the Channel' the demise of the service came in 1963 after the pier surcummed to ice damage resulting in partial closure

Herne Bay Pier Head from Hampton

8. Herne Bay Victorian Pier Head from Hampton on 26th August 2012

Plan Herne Bay Pier, Neptunes Jetty & Harbour

9. Plan of Herne Bay Pier, Neptunes Jetty (Harbour)

Neptunes Jetty from Pier Stub

10. Neptunes Jetty Arm from the shoreward Pier stub on 26th August 2012

Herne Bay Beach from Pier Stub

11. Herne Bay Beach from the Pier stub on 26th August 2012

Herne Bay Pier Head in 2012

12. Herne Bay Pier Head from the shore

The final blow for the pier came in January 1978 when North Easterly storms lashed the North Kent Coast knocking down the already weakened areas and 'Bailey Bridges'

Repairs being cost prohibative the Council demolished the Pier in 1980

Scroll down for photographs on Victorian Pier Head in the 1970's

The short shoreward stub was rebuilt & a sports pavilion constructed, this opened in 1976, however the building became out dated & in need of major repair, consequently was demolished in 2012

The isolated Victorian Pier Head's solid construction 3/4 mile offshore is all that remains of the once grand structure

Herne Bay & Hampton pictured on 6th January 2013 ...

Herne Bay Pier & Neptunes Jetty from Hampton Pier

13. Overview of Herne Bay Pier Stubb & Neptunes Jetty from the promenade

Hampton Pier 1

14. Hampton Pier known as Oyster Pier

Houses in Hampton Bay constructed in the 1880's were undermined by Hampton Brook & sea action around the 1866 Pier

Hampton Pier 2

15. Hampton Pier end ruins

The last property was demolished in 1915, much of the debris remained until the largest remnants were cleared in 2004 at the time of the sea defence scheme

Herne Bay, Pier stub & Neptunes Jetty

16. Herne Bay from Hampton Pier

Herne Bay Pier Head from Hampton Pier

17. Herne Bay Pier Head from Hampton Pier

Come to Herne Bay

18. Come to Herne Bay

More on the Pier from Herne Bay Pier Trust

The town as an active organisation that promoting everything going on see Herne Bay Town Partnership

Service visit to Red Sands Fort on the 18th August 2012

Offshore II

19. Offshore II the Tower Tender at Neptune Jetty, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Pier from tender in 2012

20. Herne Bay Pier Head from the tender

Herne Bay & Hapton Coastline

21. Herne Bay & Hampton Coastline

Tony Pine at helm

22. Helmsman Tony Pine

Heading West with Shivering Sands Towersd behind

23. Heading West with Shivering Sands in the background

David Phillips at wheel

24. David Phillips takes at turn at the wheel throught the Kentish Flats Windfarm

Red Sands Towers looking West

25. Approaching Red Sands Fort Complex from the East

Shipping in Oaze Deep

26. Shipping in the Oaze Deep nearest the Fort

Red Sands Fort complex

27. Making for the Thames

Beyond the Oaze Deep there's a restricted zone & then The Warp shipping lane

All 7 Red Sands Towers

28. All seven Towers of the Fort

G1, Bofors & G4 Towers

29. Southern Gun Tower (G1) Bofors, & Control Towers

Secondary crane hoist

30. Secondary crane hoist

G1 Southern Gun Tower

31. Southern Gun Tower

Under G1 with G1, G2 Searchlight & G3 Towers

32. Under G4 with G1, G2, Searchlight & G3

East view of Junglewalk

33. Junglewalk from East side of G1

Medium wave Tower of Power

34. The Red Sands Radio Tower of Medium Wave Power

Tidal rip beneath Forts

35. Ebbing tidal rip

Fendering & Platform on G1

36. Part of the fendering & platform on G1

Fort leg bracing

37. Oxford picture frame base brace

Close up of leg bracing

38. Brace close up detail

Ebbing tide beneath G1

39. Ebbing tide beneath G1

Junglewalk viewed from West

40. Junglewalk from West side of G1

East side of G1

41. East side of G1 platform

G4, G2, Searchlight & G3

42. Beneath G4, G2, Searchlight & G3 Towers

Bofors Tower

43. Bofors Gun Tower

Control G3, G4 & G1

44. Control, G3, G4 & G1

Radio antenna & wind turbine

45. Red Sands Radio anteanna detail & wind turbine

Junglewalk connects G1 to Control Tower

46. Junglewalk connecting G1 to Control Tower

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