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Red Sands 2012

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Gun Tower 4

47. G4

Gun Tower 4

48. G4

Gun Tower 4

49. G4 close up detail

Gun Tower 4

50. G4

G1 & Bofors

51. G1 & Bofors

G1 & Bofors leg detail

52. G1 & Bofors leg detail

Tony Pine in dingy below G1

53. Tony Pine in dingy below G1

Below G1 at low tide 1

54. Beneath G1 ...

Below G1 at low tide 2

55. ... at low tide

A 20' tide rise & fall typical somewhere between 20' at low & 43' high tide

Evening falls at Red Sands Forts

56. Evening at Red Sands Fort

Evening view of Forts

57. The Forts make an incredible sight at night

It's difficult to explain the peaceful & tranquility aboard the Forts at night, reflecting on their incredible history from inception, building during WWII & as Radio Forts

G4 Gun Tower close up

58. G4 close up

Radio antenna with wind turbine

59. G1 Red Sands Radio antenna & wind turbine

Tangle of legs

60. Tangle of legs of G4, G3, G2 & Searchlight Tower

G1, Bofors, Control, G2 & G4

61. G1, Bofors, Control, G2 & G4 Towers

G1, Bofors, Control, G2 & G4

62. G1, Bofors, Control, G2 & G4 Towers

G1 evening shot

63. G1 evening sky

G1 & Bofors

64. G1 & Bofors

Bofors, G2, Searchlight, G4

65. Bofors, G2, Searchlight, G3 & G4 

Bofors, G2, G3, Searchlight, G4 leg detail

66. Bofors, G2, G3, Searchlight & G4 leg detail

G1, Bofors, Control, G2 & G4

67. G1, Bofors, Control, G2 & G4

All 7 Towers

68. All seven Towers

Night angler

69. Night angler

Setting off for Home

70. Setting off home

Fisherman left to get on with it

72. Leaving the fishermen to a peaceful night

Lovely evening shot

73. Note mast head light

Leaving the Fort

74. Leaving Red Sands Fort

Another Red Bull challange on 4th September 2012

1. Dropping from the Southern Gun Tower divers Gary Hunt & Blake Aldridge warm up for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championships on 4th September 2012

Whitstable Times 13th September

75. Report on Red diving from the Fort - Whitstable Times Thursday 13th September 2012

Dowload full Report

Red Bull love the Forts: Skateboarding on Sealand (Roughs) the Red Sands Fort was used as part of their training programme of dives for Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Whitstable Times 20th September

76. Article condeming diving from the Forts - Whitstable Times Thursday 20th September 2012

Download full Report

Red Sands on 7th October 2012 from the PS Waverley

Control, G4 & G1

77. Red Sands: Control, G4 & G1

Antenna close up from Waverley

78. Close up of 2.4 GHz link

79. Max Herre featuring Philipp Poisel, Wolke 7

Filmed during July & released in Septembera German music video shoot at Red Sands Fort see the Original File


With thanks to Tony Pine, Vaughn, David Philips, The Whitstable Times, & Red Bull for their help in producing this feature

Waverley Photographs from the Kevin Turner archive

Weverley Excursions

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