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Nissan Skyline's play at Rockingham

A copy free feature

Racing Stadium in Corby on 10th March 2003

Rockingham circuit plan

Lay-out of the circuit the inner field was used on the day

Buster & Bob

Buster waits for his first timed run

Rear of Skyline & Buster

Back in pit lane after first run - He doesn't look happy!

Buster still waiting for the off

Analysis of the times - could do better

Buster helmeted in mirror

Looking more determined now!

Skyline on circuit

The only automatic car at the event Buster makes her sing

Buster analysis of timed run

Happier now shaving vital seconds of the lap time

Buster waveing

A successful conclusion at 1'45" reputation intact

Rockingham podium banner

Who made the winners podium, everyone it wasn't that sort of day

Copy clear photographs compliments of Brian Adams

Pictures of event organised by Lisa Diamond aka Tigger of the Skyline Owners Club will be published in the June 2003 edition of the Banzai jap car magazine

More information can be found by visiting the

Skyline Owners Club website here or via their logo below

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