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A Royal Yacht, a Brunel Bridge Killin, & Loch Tay

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RY Britannia Life Ring

Welcome to a photo tour of the Royal Yacht/Hospital Ship Britannia a floating museum

RY Britannia Port Bow

Edinburgh's Ocean Terminal at Leith is home to the last of a line of Royal Yachts

RY Britannia Port Side

Launched in 1953 the Royal Yacht Britannia replaced the elderly Victoria & Albert

Walkway & Steps to Yacht

The Royal Gang Plank

RY Britannia Bridge

The Bridge

RY Britannia Chart Room

Chart Room

RY Britannia Fore Deck

Fore Deck from Bridge wing

RY Britannia Flag Locker RY Britannia Flag Signals

Flag locker & flag signaling chart

RY Britannia Funnel RY Britannia main deck crest

Smoke stack the funnel especially designed to minimise soot dispersion
Insignia on main deck promenade

RY Britannia Captains dining room

Dining Room

Royal Office

Royal office

Capatains Galley Captains Office

Admirals (Captain) Galley
Admirals (Captain) Office

Rolls Royce RY Britannia Stern

One's Roller garaged on 1st deck
Britannia's Stern

RY Britannia Bell RY Britannia Rum Tun

Fore deck bell & crescent
Yachts Rum Tun issued the grog ration until discontinued in 1970

RY Britannia Queens Bedroom

Royal Bedroom

RY Britannia Queens Bedroom

This one the Queens naturally Portside

RY Britannia Guest Bedroom

Royal 'Guest' bedroom Starboard side

RY Britannia Officers Ward Room

Officers Ward Room

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