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A Royal Yacht, A Brunel Bridge & Loch Tay

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A Royal Yacht, a Brunel Bridge, Killin & Loch Tay

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Forth Rail Bridge

Early morning at the Forth Rail Bridge a National Treasure shrouded in mist from South Queensferry

Forth Rail Bridge & Inchgarvie Island

Work began in 1883 on Brunel's giant masterpiece & took 7 years to complete, one section of bridge has foundations on the tiny Inchgarvie Island which has its own lighthouse, the white top is just about in view above left concrete foundation

Forth Rail Bridge paint job

The resulting cantilever bridge was continually painted for 100 years but neglected by British Rail through the 1980's

Forth Rail Bridge scaffolding

Work has gone on continually since to arrest the decline & refurbish

A scaffolders dream or nightmare!

Forth Rail Bridge it's a big job

A regime is in hand to strip old paint by sand blasting, apply a zinc undercoat & state of the art top coat which is predicted to last 20 years

Forth Rail Bridge skyworkers

Workers high above the Forth

Forth Rail Bridge & Inchmickery Island

Inchmickery Island with WWII Landing stage, fortifications & out buildings constructed to look like a Battleship

Forth's Hound Point Terminal

Tanker at Scotlands largest Terminal, Hound Point operated by BP it exports North Sea Oil via the Forties Pipeline Systems & can accomodate vessels up to 350,000 tons

Firefighting Tugs

Three of Europe's largest & most powerful, these fire fighting tugs are the Cramond, Dalmeny & Hopetoun at Hound Point

Inchcolm Island from A921

The Forth with Inchcolm Island & Oxcars Light House from the A921 between Dalgety Bay & Abadour

Inchcolm Island landing stage

A yacht at the landing stage on Inchcolm the visitor centre below the cliff on this uninhabited Island of the Firth of Forth

Inchcolm Abbey

Linked religiously with St Colm & St Columba since 1123 hermits established a Monastic Settlement on Inchcolm & the Abbey was built in 1223

Oxcars Light House in Mortimers Deep

Mortimers Deep with circa 1886 Oxcars Lighthouse operated by Forth Ports with Edinburgh skyline beyond

Find out more from the Light Houses of Scotland

Incolm Abbey from Mortimers Deep

Inchcolm Abbey from Mortimers Deep

Lazy Seal

Seal basking on a channel buoy

Queensferry Slipway

Bridge from the slipway North Queensferry

Forth Bridges Logo

Forth Bridges Logo

There's more on the Forth Bridges Website

Shocking Pink Limo

Mmm the most salubrious of limousines! fancy it for your wedding transport?

Here a dozen 10 year olds sip fizzy pop & have the chauffeur complete with fag on take a snap, tasteful

Forth Road Bridge

The Forth Road Bridge opened in 1964 replacing the old 800 year ferry service, find out more from Undiscovered Scotland

To take a trip on the Forth from Queensferry take a Maid of the Forth or Forth Boat Tour

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